Usage Guidelines

In light of the missional vision NLCF has for the use of 130 Jackson,  the following general usage guidelines have been determined:

Building Use: 130 Jackson is reserved specifically for NLCF ministry and outreach purposes when a scheduled community event is not occurring.  Only individuals directly involved with those purposes are permitted to be within the building.

Office and Printers: Use of the office and printers are limited to NLCF ministry leaders and staff.  This includes leaders of Engage Groups, Huddles, Music Teams, Men’s and Women’s Ministries, Missions Teams, and other ministries within NLCF.

Parking: Parking in the 130 Jackson lot is at all times limited to those who are using 130 Jackson and/or the The Loft. Parking in non-designated spots may result in your car being towed. To see which spots are designated for NLCF, please see this map.

If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, contact us at [email protected].

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