Where We Are

On Campus

Virginia Tech lies at the core of our mission field. We have a true heart for students and those calling Virginia Tech home! Because of that, we host many activities, small groups, worship gatherings, and more right on campus. During the school year, you can join us on-campus for the 11a Sunday Gathering, typically in Squires Colonial Hall.

Our Spaces

New Life Christian Fellowship uses two off-campus (only slightly!) locations for various services, meetings, and activities.  The first is the Loft, which is located at 215 Draper Rd, Suite B.  We use the Loft for smaller gatherings, meetings, small groups, etc.  The Loft has couches, tables, and lots of books to read there or check out (a library system).  If you are visiting for the first time, check out the map below!  While there are two ways to get to the Loft, the most common is by entering the electronic sliding double doors across Draper Road from the Rivermill restaurant.  Go up the stairs, and follow the railing along to the left towards the bathrooms.  

For nearly 10 years, we called 130 Jackson home, located just off campus in downtown Blacksburg. As of July 2020, we have a new home! Our new building is located at 1521 South Main St. This space is larger and used for the New Life community congregation service on Sundays, but at other times it is used for baptisms, community meals, dances, and more!