Face to Face – Rachel Darling

12000850_868092229979150_3576227436696755616_oHere’s a fun new way to get to know people in NLCF! Each week we will feature a new person answering some fun questions about themselves!

Rachel Darling
Human Development, Sophomore
Hometown: Richmond, VA

Best class you’ve taken at VT? Family Relationships. By far my favorite, highly recommend you take it with Ryan. He’s the best. I learned so much about myself, my family, and it was an overall super positive experience.
What is something God has been showing you lately? I have always struggled with communicating, and He is continuously showing me the power of communication and the importance of me learning to communicate effectively, as well as lovingly.
How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Joyful, artistic, adventurous
Favorite scripture? “Be truly glad, for there is wonderful JOY ahead” – 1 Peter 1:6
What would be your dream job? ECSE (early childhood special education) Preschool Teacher
What are your hobbies? I love anything crafty, and photography is my passion.
Artist you’ve been listening to lately? Odesza is my current jam. Throw in some Oh Wonder and Ben Howard, and you’ve got my “chill” playlist in your hands.
What are you watching on Netflix right now? Season four of “Once Upon A Time,” gotta catch up for season 5!

Fall Kick-Off Is Coming!

It’s August 1st! Kick-off is only a few weeks away! Let’s start preparing and praying for a great fall!

First, do you know any incoming freshmen? How can you get them connected with your friends and NLCF family? Here are some awesome ways to introduce them to NLCF and connect with new incoming freshmen…

-We can help move people in! Let’s participate in Hokie Helpers together on Wed, August 19th! This is a great way to serve incoming freshmen and bless them. It’s also a great opportunity to invite them to our annual pizza party on the drill field! If you know anyone specifically moving in (on or off campus), grab some NLCF friends and offer to help!

– Our annual Pizza Party is Thursday, August 20th at 6p on the drill field (by the chapel). We get tons of pizza and have lots of yard games set up. It’s totally free! Invite friends and come hang out and meet new friends!

– On Saturday, August 22nd, we are having a Welcome Back Cook-Out at the Duck Pond at 6p. This is a great time to reconnect with friends you’ve missed over the summer or bring new friends you’ve made.

– Our first worship gatherings of the semester will be on Sunday, August 23rd! Same times, same places: 11a in Colonial Hall, Squires and 7:07p in 130 Jackson!

Honduras Team Pancake Dinner

PanoramaWhat to eat for dinner on a Friday night?  Well, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?!  That’s what over 90 people said on Friday, February 6th for the Honduras Team pancake dinner.

This year, NLCF is taking 10 students do Danli, Honduras over spring break.  The team will leave Blacksburg on March 7th and spend the night in Washington DC before flying to Honduras.  While in Danli, the team will reconnect with two NLCF alumni who are now missionaries (Jamey & Lesley Smith) as well as our first ever intern to Honduras, Caroline Stephenson.  We are excited to see them and bring some much needed supplies.

Throughout the week we will partner with our sister church in Danli by ministering to the community in a variety of ways.  We will be spreading the Gospel to homes across the community, bringing good news while meeting some practical needs through food, clothing, toys, and hygiene items.  The team will also get the chance to see the latest project being done by Total Water (www.totalwater.org), a ministry designed to provide safe water and sanitation in Honduras.

In order to go on this trip, each team member is responsible for raising approximately $1600 to cover food, plane tickets, housing, etc.  To help with that, the team decided to host a pancake dinner to facilitate teamwork, build community awareness, and raise funds for the trip.

After several weeks of advertising and build-up, the night finally came.  The team arrived at 130 Jackson early to set-up and begin preparing for the night ahead.  At 6 PM, there was already a line of people waiting for pancakes, sausage, and bacon.  The team worked together to crank out pancakes non-stop to feed hungry guests throughout the night.

Chelsea Corkins, a dinner guest, said, “Having been a part of international service work previously, I was thrilled to attend a fundraiser for a similar trip.  Every bit of funds raised help and can unbelievably affect the Honduras community.”

The dinner was originally scheduled to end at 7:30 PM, but was extended to 8:00 PM due to the fantastic turn-out.  Team member Amanda said this about the evening: “I was a bit nervous before the pancake dinner because I didn’t know how many people would show up or if we would have enough supplies, but as soon as the team prayed together I knew God would answer all our prayers and give us what we need.  And He did.  The turn-out was amazing, and the experience definitely strengthened my relationships with the team members.”

We were both excited, surprised, and a little overwhelmed with the turn-out last Friday.  The team would like to extend the sincerest thanks to all those who came out and supported the trip.  At the end of the night, over $560 was raised to help the team members still needing funds to go on the trip.

~David McCann

vtOne Snack Drive

vtONE, the campus-wide Worship Event, will be this Saturday, February 21st @ 7p in Commonwealth Ballroom (Squires).
In partnership with 209 Manna Ministries, there will be a “SNACK” drive.  Please bring a snack (chips, candy, fruit snacks, etc) to fill the pantry!!
At vtOne, campus ministries come together as one to lift up the only One, the living One. Together we pray, hear the Word preached, and lift up the name of Jesus through song. We come expecting God to move as we beg Him to change our hearts and the hearts of students on our campus for the advancement of His kingdom. Admission is free and all are welcome!

Worship Gatherings Today

Yes, it’s COLD outside, but we are going to keep with our regular schedule today!

11:00a at Colonial Hall
7:07p at 130 Jackson

Please use wisdom and caution when you head out … bundle up and be safe!

Reflection on our 25-Year Reunion

Check out some pictures from the weekend: NLCF’S 25-Year Reunion Weekend

Whew! What a weekend we had!

First of all, our staff and a bunch of our leaders did an AMAZING job pulling this off. If you were blessed by the weekend, when you get a chance, thank them!

Now to the matter at hand. The first thing to mention is that when you do a reunion and a retreat together, you can’t really do either one in as focused a manner as you could if you did them separately. We knew that, but we were going for something different. We weren’t sure it would work, but we knew where God wanted us to aim.

We wanted to feel like what we are, a family. Multiple generations, at many different points in life to be sure, but family nonetheless. We wanted it to feel like a family coming together for a holiday. That desire guided the entire weekend’s planning. Friday night started well, everyone was having a good time, but I’m not sure we had that feeling just yet. I will tell you when I think it happened. We had a moment and things were different from there on.

It was Saturday, we had just finished the Olympics, and my team had stolen the First Place Golden Boot (then had given it back to the team that had earned it). After lunch, we asked Chris and Julie Massie to share their struggles in being able to get their two adopted kids out of the Congo, and we prayed for them. That is when it happened.

At that point, the age differences melted away; the graduating year stopped mattering. We prayed for two people just trying to bring their kids home. Boom, family. The rest was different. It seems so right that this weekend that had been so heavily prayed over would get to the point we had prayed it would get to in a moment of prayer and vulnerability. It just seems, well, right.

I won’t forget that weekend and I think that is true for most of us. For those that were here, thank you for taking the time, money and inconvenience to be with us. It is always easier to just not come to things like this, but we need things like this. Things that remind us that the world we stare at every day is not the only real world and not even the most real one. For those of you who couldn’t make it, you were missed and we are saving a chair for you at the next one.

~ Jim

Hokies for the Hungry Update!

Thank You to ALL who helped with Hokies for the Hungry.  This year we collected 5,738 CANS and $12,488.44!  This is a HUGE blessing to the Montgomery County Christmas Store and will help them be able to serve more people in our area.  This is a few cans shorts of what we received last year but almost $2,000 MORE in cash donations!!
In the coming weeks we will be sharing about our participation in Operation Christmas Child Shoebox project and the Angel Tree Christmas Program … we want to continue celebrating NLCF’s 25th YEAR with #25Blessings.

Reunion Weekend Details

We are SO excited that this weekend has finally come!
We will join together on Friday at Camp Christi in Christiansburg, VA.
The address: 4704 Roanoke Street C’burg, VA 24073
The evening will start at 8:00p as we know that many of you are travelling in from out-of-town.  However, you are welcome to come and hangout anytime after 5:00p.  Feel free to grab some take out and join us at the retreat site!
The evening will conclude with a throwback campfire, smores and snacks!
We will rejoin (for those not staying at Camp Christi) on Saturday morning at 9am for Breakfast.  This will be followed by Engage Group vs Alumni vs. Team KiDS Olympics! (might want to bring some athletic attire and something warm!)  We will enjoy lunch together and head out by 2:00p
Alumni will rejoin AGAIN Saturday evening at Custom Catering in Blacksburg, VA.
The address: 902 Patrick Henry Dr. Bburg, VA 24060
Doors will open at 6:00p with dinner served at 6:30p.  Kids will be on-site (not at 130 Jackson) … so bring the kids along!  They will have their own hang-out!  Dress is business casual.
Sunday we will conclude the celebration at 11:00a in Squires Colonial Hall!  
Campus Tour!
We have 2 options for a campus tour to see the new sites since your last visit!
If you would like to be a part of the Friday at 3:00p tour … please email Jeanette by Friday at 10am.
The other tour will be Sunday afternoon.


We have been asked a number of times about the #25blessings campaign NLCF has going this year. So, here goes.

The start of this Fall Semester in 1989, NLCF was planted. 25 years may not seem like a long time, but when you consider the percentage of church plants that make it that far, and when you add to that the fact that we primarily focus on a demographic that isn’t able to give as much (read that as on average 90% less than a traditional church), one where if someone wants to go on staff they have to first raise their entire salary like an overseas missionary. Where you regularly send your most experienced leaders to other churches in the cities where they are hired, and where you have to grow by 20-25% a year JUST TO STAY THE SAME SIZE YOU WERE LAST YEAR, well, it is daunting. To be growing and thriving 25 years later is pretty good sized miracle.

So we want to celebrate, but maybe a bit differently than the typical celebration.

What we decided to do was take this academic year and give blessings back to the Va. Tech and NRV community. And we thought that 25 of them would be symbolic.

Being a blessing to our community and university isn’t anything new here. We fully believe that we are called by Christ to be good neighbors, that the Good News should be, well, good news. That the people we are around should experience better lives because of our presence in them.

So, this year, #25blessings. We have already started and we have many more to go. Some of them are a bit expensive and some take a great deal of time. But we are committed. We have been so blessed to be a part of this amazing community for 25 years and we are excited to take a year (an incredibly busy one mind you) and focus on being grateful and showing gratitude. Taking time to slow down a bit and genuinely honor those who have been so good to us is simply the right thing to do. It will take a lot to get it done well, but it seems like a good thing to focus on.

As we are doing this, we are starting to see NLCF’ers (leaders and members) being blessed through it. Looking at our community through eyes that search for ways to bring blessing, not just to receive it. Seeing that even my everyday world needs me to be a light for Christ, not just in big and planned ways (although we have 25 of those) but in small, unplanned ones as well.

This is going to be a fun year! Would you like to join us? Email [email protected] and we will show you how you can!

Here is what Jesus said about all this in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5…

You are the light of the world – like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see. Don’t hide your light under a basket! Instead, put it on a stand and let it shine for all.  In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” Emphasis mine.

Peace, Jim