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Welcome Class of 2023!

We are SO glad you are here! Welcome. As you will begin to hear around Blacksburg, “This is Home”. If you don’t feel it already, this place will become like home to you. We are a community of believers seeking to BELIEVE the truth, BECOME more like Jesus, and BLESS those around us.

If you’re new to Blacksburg, or Virginia Tech, check out our welcome page for you! .

Summer with NLCF

Whether you will be here in Blacksburg for one week, or all summer…WELCOME! We are so excited to have you here with us. If you haven’t already heard, summers in Blacksburg are incredible. Life slows down a bit, there’s more time to relax, and there’s plenty of parking around town!

We will be getting things started this summer with our SUMMER KICKOFF! Join us this Sunday (May 26th) at Caboose Park (Blacksburg Municipal Park) at 11a. We will have a short worship service at Shelter 2, and then there will be a cookout and games! Feel free to bring a side dish to share.

After our Summer Kickoff, we will get settled into a modified schedule for the rest of the summer through mid-August. Since most of our congregation leaves Blacksburg this time of year, we get the chance to mix up our normal weekly rhythms.

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk Sunday Gatherings– Starting on June 2, we will jump into a 10a rhythm of combining with New Life at 130 Jackson. As usual, there will be fellowship, worship through song, and teaching.

Chauk Summer Engage Group Family– Starting on Wednesday, May 29th we will gather together at the Squires Food Court (near ABP) for our Summer Family! Bring your own dinner, and then there will be discussion to follow. These are great times to invite anyone to come join! Stay tuned on Facebook for more details.

Tuesday Night Prayer– Same day, new time! We’ll meet at the Loft at 7p on Tuesdays for group prayer in a casual atmosphere. Sometimes we will be joined by some folks from New Life!

Want to stay up to date this summer? Let us know and we’ll keep you posted!

Ashleigh’s Summer Snapshot

A few things that I learned this summer that have stuck with me: do not hide behind your sins, do not go through it alone, bring it to the Lord first, and it is okay to grieve and honestly lament.

This past year has been extremely challenging for me, yet the most spiritual growth has come from it. The beginning of this new spiritual walk started when I was called to do something (for the first time!) by God – go to Honduras. This was a huge step for me because I had never been even on a mission trip let alone out of the country. Although this was way out of my comfort zone, I listened and I went, thinking that was going to be the hardest part.

While prepping for evangelism I realized I truly had never understood the gospel. Simultaneously, I was brought with a wave of excitement and shame; how could I say I was a Christian and not know what it really means to be one? I hid this for a long time, until this summer at LT. Surrounded by Christians and non-believers who were all in different stages of life and faith, I was able to see our differences and not put one person above or below me on this weird hierarchy of “how good of a Christian are you” that I had made in my head in the past. It really does not matter what step we are at with our faith or how much we know about the Bible, what matters is our love for Him and His love for every person regardless of our faults. Nothing you ever do or think could ever make God love you less. He meets us with love and grace every time we falter and fills in the holes of our mistakes, all we have to do is let Him in. [Ephesians 2:8]

And let him in I did, with my decision to get baptized at the end of the summer. Not for salvation (because we are freely given this) but because I wanted to outwardly profess the internal change that has happened over this past year. I am excited to finally let God in and walk with me everywhere: in my victories and in my hardships.

-Ashleigh L.