Donut Dash 5k Volunteers

Volunteering with the Donut Dash 5k 

We will need lots of help in order to make this event happen!  Whatever your skill-sets, we can use your help.  

VolunteerBefore 10/15$10Not a race participant, but agreeing to help where needed.  Includes commemorative item*.
No-Frills Volunteer$0Simply want to show up and help! (No commemorative item*)

*Every effort will be made to provide race T-shirts as our commemorative item, like we have done in the past. Given the manufacturing supply-chain issues resulting from the global pandemic, T-shirts may not be feasibly accessible. In such a case, another item will be acquired to celebrate and commemorate this awesome event!



Registration table (~2-3 people): You will be responsible for making sure race participants get checked in and receive their correct bib number, shirt etc.  You will also be responsible for receiving payment for anyone who has not paid, and registering participants who did not pre-register.  Once the race starts, you will assist the timing team with record keeping and data entry. 

Donut Team (~6-8 people): You will be stationed at the critical halfway point!  You will help serve runners their donuts, and make sure the total donuts eaten is recorded on their bib number.  You will write (or have the runner write) on their bib how many donuts they ate so the appropriate time adjustment can be made at the finish line.  The Donut Team may also be responsible for setting up and tearing down all tables, signs, etc. at the halfway point.  CHEER FOR THE RUNNERS TOO!

Timing Team (~3-4 people):  More details and instruction will be provided on-site, but you will be responsible for recording the finish order and time of each race participant.  (one calling out, one writing, one on the computer) The registration table team will be available to assist as needed.

Marketing Team (~2 people): Responsible for photography/videography of event activities. *Someone will be stationed at the halfway point and another will be at the finish line

Sound Technician/DJ (~1 person): Ensure that the D-rig is set up and working, making sure a single microphone is ready/working, keeping fun music pumping!

Course Guide (~6-10 people): Standing at the turns on the course to guide/point runners in the right direction!

EVERYONE: CHEER loud and proud, be excited and happy, with lots of high-fives to everyone else.  Also, all volunteers will help with setup/teardown before/after the event.