Engage Groups Spring Summer 2015

Summer 2015

— Things look a little bit different for NLCF during the summer since a large portion of the congregation is spread out away from Blacksburg.  This summer, we will be joining in with the New Life groups as we all walk through a book about 40 Days with the Holy Spirit.

Stay tuned later in the summer to hear more about engage groups for Fall 2015!

Spring Engage Groups 2015

*Many Engage Groups will have discussions about the Sunday teaching series on 1 Corinthians

Maroon Family

buy generic Aurogra online Crafts & Laughs : Do you spend hours on Pinterest pinning things you know you’ll never do? Join a group of girls who want to put their crafts to good use and want to grow together.

Time/Location: Thursdays at 6.30p @ Owen’s, 7.30p @ Morgan’s apt.
Contact:  Morgan Szeligowski, Erin Ford

buy Pregabalin cheap Global Connections: Our mission is to reach out to international students and people with a heart for connecting with others worldwide. We want to create a warm environment to meet others, learn about other cultures, and develop close relationships that span the globe!

Time/Location: Wednesdays at 7.30p @ New Hall
Contact: Tess Harding, Jacob Williams

Grad Students & Working: For graduate students or people that work in the area. We will go deeper into the Sunday teachings on 1 Corinthians, build friendships over dinner, and focus on reaching out to our colleagues, co-workers, and neighbors.

Time/Location: Wednesdays at 6p @ Sarah’s house
Contact: Sarah Holloway

Neighborhood Mission: For those of us who believe God has a purpose for where we live and the people we influence daily. Engage Groups recognize that God is active in our lives and Neighborhood Mission is a constant and encouraging reminder to make friends, make disciples, and make God our first priority.

Time/Location: Thursdays at 7p @ East AJ
Contact: Ally Moser, Jordan Winkler

Cadets: Open to all cadets (freshmen & upperclassmen are welcome)! We will discuss the “Gray Areas” study by Mike Glenn.

Time/Location: Tuesdays at 2200 (10p) @ West Egg Main Lounge (Golf TV Lounge)
Contact: Leah Roberts, Sam Meaux

Orange Family

Intramural Sports Men (IMen): A group of guys dedicated to their spiritual growth and the building of community through intramural sports.

Time/Location: Thursdays at 7p for dinner @ Owens
Contact: Jeremy Jones, Matt Coyne

Co-Ed Intramural Sports: To strengthen or start a relationship with God and our fellow Hokies through the camaraderie of co-ed intramural sports.

Time/Location: Thursdays at 6p @ Owens for dinner, 7p @ TBD
Contact: Eli Hearl, Crystal Blankenship, Johnny Crumpler
, Tim Beyer

TV Thursday: For people who want to grow, be challenged, and strengthen their relationship with God while sitting back and watching TV! We’ll be hanging out and building community while watching the show Boy Meets World!

Time/Location: Thursdays at 6.30pm @ Owens for dinner, 7.30p @ Clara’s apartment
Contact: Allyse VanCampen, Clara Wilson

Soul Food: We eat good food and talk about the good Lord!

Time/Location: Thursdays at 6.50p @ Owens lot for a ride (bring your dinner!); 7p @ Alainna’s apartment for dinner and bible study
Contact: Alainna Baxley

Married & Engaged Couples: We are a group of couples who are married or engaged and who want to grow in their relationship with God and fellowship with believers at the same point in their lives as we are – students and young professionals that have just embarked on this journey called “marriage.”

Time Location: Wednesdays @ 7.30p at the Newcomb’s
Contact: JD Newcomb, Jesse Newcomb

Brollos: Guys getting together in a casual atmosphere, sharing life, and taking Sunday teachings to more depth.

Time/Location: Tuesdays @ 715a at Bollo’s coffee shop
Contact: Robbie Poff

Women’s Coffee Break: Ladies getting together in a casual atmosphere, sharing life, and taking Sunday teachings to more depth over coffee. It’s the best part of waking up!

Time/Location: Thursday mornings at 7a @ Bollo’s coffee shop
Contact: Kristal Poff

Swim Free: Swim Free is for anyone who was/is/or is looking to be actively swimming here at Tech.  Club Swim is one to involve our group into the swimming community however it isn’t necessary to join in order to be apart of the EG. Outside of this we will be getting together to swim (of course), fellowship, and study God’s Word together. “Oxygen is Overrated”.

Time/Location: Thursdays at 6p @ TBD
Contact: Amanda Armstrong

Gilmore Girls: We are an all girls group who watch Gilmore Girls, eat yummy food, laugh and have fun together. You don’t have to have seen the show before to join!
Time/Location: Wednesdays at 7p @ Johnson Hall
Contact: Jaime Haile, Anna Gibbs

What are Engage Groups?

  • ENGAGE each other by pursuing authentic community: the scriptures make it clear that we were never intended to live our life of faith alone. We need one another to truly experience God’s full plan for our lives (Hebrews 10:24-25).
  • ENGAGE with culture by connecting with and serving those around us: we were also never intended to live out our faith apart from the cultures we are in. Jesus came to show us how to live in the world, but not be of the world (1 Cor 9:20-23).
  • ENGAGE our faith by seeking intimacy with God: to Jesus, faith is as normal a part of our lives as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Together we can more fully engage our faith and see it become more real in our lives (John 6:60-69).

Engage Group Families

Our Engage Groups are split into 2 Engage Group Families – the Maroon Family and the Orange Family.

The Maroon Family includes Crafts & Laughs, Global Connection, Grad & Working, Cadets, and Neighborhood Mission. It is led by Steve Englund and Jeanette Staats.

The Orange Family includes Intramural Sports (Mens & Co-Ed), TV Thursday, and Married & Engaged Couples, Gilmore Girls, Swim Free, Brollos, and Women’s Coffee Break. It is led by Jim Pace and Robbie & Kristal Poff.

Where Is the Loft?

The Loft is located off of Draper Rd. There are double doors between Sycamore Deli and Souvlaki’s. Go in the doors and take the stairs up and go around the staircase to the door at the end of the hall.

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