Sermons: This Is Us

September 20, 2020

This is Us- Week 5

Christian closes out our series “This is Us” by talking about how we as the people of God are sent […]

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September 13, 2020

This is Us – Week 4 (9:30a Service)

Robbie continues our series about God’s people, focusing on God’s power! Click here for the 707p Livestream replay.

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September 6, 2020

This is Us- Week 3

Kristal continues our series at the 707p service, live-streamed from our new building at 1521 South Main St!

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August 30, 2020

This is Us- Week 2

August 30, 2020- Christian shares with us the key identifying characteristic of being God’s people: the presence of God with […]

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