Sarah Holloway

Sarah Holloway joined the staff team in 2008. Her family consists of her husband, Josh, the cutest little boy in the world, Eli, and their newest addition, Madelyn. Sarah studied English and got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Virginia Tech. She uses her English skills to help all her friends who are writing and publishing books. She also wishes she could write her own book, but just can’t think of anything original to write about yet.

Sarah is part-time staff with NLCF and a full-time mommy. She oversees the music ministry at NLCF, helps maintain our relationship with our sister church in Danli, Honduras, and helps organize our mission trips there. She manages our communication through the NLCF website and social media, as well as through the bulletins and other print media. And, she spends time building into young women and encouraging them in their faith. Her passion is to see members of NLCF growing in their knowledge and understanding of their faith and to be more and more convinced of, and moved by, God’s love for them.

As far as hobbies go, Sarah likes to read books, especially ones with wizards in them (don’t judge). She also enjoys eating Thai food, making Eli laugh, hanging out with Josh, watching basketball (especially the Hokies!!), and learning new things.

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