New Life Christian Fellowship (NLCF) has had a partnership with Great Commission Latin America for over a decade. Over the last 12 years, we have specifically come alongside Iglesia Gran Comision- Danlí, a local church in Danlí, Honduras. We have gotten to know one another, and we have sought to love and serve this church in Danlí in whatever ways we can. Typically, we take a team from Virginia Tech each year to visit the church over Spring Break in March. During that week we complete various projects, share the Gospel, encourage the local church, and learn more about Honduran culture.

Due to the shift in Virginia Tech’s Spring Break plans, as well as the ongoing situation with COVID19, we have officially cancelled our physical trip to Honduras for 2021, but we still desire to engage in our relationship with our Danlí brothers & sisters . This year, instead of having a team of people physically going to Honduras, we are building an NLCF Honduras Ambassador Team that will help plan, participate, and spread the word about a variety of activities throughout March 2021.

Throughout the month of March, we are planning engaging programs and activities that will help educate our community about the local church and Honduran culture, as well as continue to foster precious relationships with the people in Danlí. The NLCF Honduras Ambassador Team will be committed to participating in the various activities, will be available to serve or volunteer for various events, and will spread the word and garner support for our overall partnership with the church in Danlí! Ideas for the month include prayer times specifically focused on Honduras, educational awareness programs through social media, food and cultural experiences, a fundraiser, and video chats with local Hondurans. Specific schedule of activities is TBD

Details & Responsibilities

Members of the NLCF Honduras Ambassador Team Commit to:

  • Participating in the various Partnership Month activities (such as prayer times, video chats, etc.)
  • Re-posting and sharing various pieces of social media regarding Partnership Month activities and information
  • Inviting others to participate in the month’s activities
  • Being available to volunteer or serve as needed during the various activities throughout the month

At the end of the month, the NLCF Honduras Ambassador Team will be rewarded for their faithfulness by receiving:

  • $50 credit towards the 2022 (or next available) Honduras Trip
  • FREE! Partnership Month T-Shirt

General Information

For a number of years, NLCF has been taking teams down to Honduras for week-long mission trips to help out where needed through an organization called Great Commission Latin America (GCLA). Since March of 2008, we have been building a great relationship with a Great Commission Church in Danli, Honduras. On our trips to Danli, we have done many things: we’ve been able to help rebuild homes, install water filters, give out shoes/food clothing to those in need, help work on the new church building and nutrition center, build roofs, and share about Jesus Christ.  Check out this video for a good idea of what our trips are like!

We look forward to going on these trips every year. If you’re interested in joining us on one of our trips down to Honduras or would like some more information, contact David McCann.  The trips are typically over Virginia Tech’s Spring Break each year in March, and recruitment is generally in September/October of each year.

Check out this video from the 2015 trip:

Child Sponsorship

Our sister church in Danlí runs a Nutrition Center that helps over 15 children in the area. At a Nutrition Center, children receive medical and dental care, nutritious meals, school supplies (including uniforms and shoes to attend school), Bible classes, after-school support, and home visits. These Nutrition Centers are funded through sponsorship: $45/month given helps GCLA and our sister church do all this work. Almost all the children at the Danlí Nutrition Center still need a sponsor. This is a great way NLCF can strengthen our partnership with our sister church in Danlí and help these children receive physical and spiritual care.  For an overview of the program, click HERE, and also, CLICK HERE to sponsor a child!