Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer

From March 16-March 22, NLCF will be participating in a “Week of Prayer.” Our goal as a community is to log over 100 hours of prayer.

Why are we doing this?

At NLCF, we believe that prayer is very very important. It is the engine to our ministry, it helps form and shape our identity as children of God. It allows us to connect together as a community and seek God as one Body.

As we move into the season of Easter, this time becomes even more important. We want to see more and more transformation within our church community. We want to see repentance, we want to see grace, we want to see others come to know Jesus. This can be done by turning our thoughts to Him through prayer!

Join us!

Each day here and on our Facebook page, we’ll be posting prayer ‘focus points’ – how we can be focusing our prayer that day, with guides to help us.

We will have opportunities for corporate prayer this week:

Monday – 1pm @ The Chapel

Tuesday – 930pm @ The Loft

Wednesday – 4pm @ The Chapel

Thursday – 830am @ Deets

But prayer doesn’t just happen in just those times! Join together within your Engage Groups/small groups, friends, ministry partners and dedicate this week to prayer. Even in your own personal quiet times, dedicate each day with prayer. Perhaps you haven’t regularly prayed before – this is a great week to start! 

Log it!

In order to reach our goal of over 100 hours of prayer, we need to keep track of how much we’ve been praying!

Follow this link and let us know how much you’ve been praying!!!