About Generations

When and where do we meet?

On Sundays you will find our Generations congregation worshiping God together at buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v 9:30am on Sunday mornings.  Find us in person at 1521 South Main Street or online at nlcf.online.church.

Who are we?

We are a community congregation that seeks to be a church that blesses the communities of Blacksburg and Christiansburg.  While our Collegiate congregation focuses on undergraduates, our Generations congregation is a community of all ages — multi-generational, hence the nickname “Generations.”  We seek to mix the young and old not only on Sunday, but also in our small groups and ministries.

We’ve found that in our college town, graduate students and local community members, married or not, with children or without, often feel stuck in a church no-man’s land: too old to still pretend to be in college, yet not finding the exact right place to settle down. These are the folks Generations is for: if you need help making great decisions in your workplace, figuring out what to do when/if you finish your dissertation, growing as a husband or wife, being single or a young professional in a culture that makes that hard, being a real and honest parent to your kids, feeling honored as a stay at home mom. Generations is really for everyone — even college students who desire to worship in a multi-generational setting.

What about kids?

Children are beyond value and their development is critically important.  At NLCF we deeply value children and the development of their hearts and minds, and the challenge of it all. Whether it is with our NLCF Kids program for 6 month old infants to 5th graders, or our middle school and high school youth programs, we make it a priority for all children to have a great time, learn scriptural truths and be encouraged all in a very safe and secure environment by caring and skilled staff and volunteers. We encourage the entire Generations congregation to take part in loving and teaching our children.

What’s there to do other than Sundays?

Engage Groups are various assortments of folks who meet weekly across Blacksburg and Christiansburg for worship, prayer, learning, and serving.

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