Our Team

Meet the full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff whose job it is to enable the rest of NLCF to do its thing.  Each one has a heart for college students, and has been a part of NLCF for many years.  Read below to get a little more information about each one, as well as the different responsibilities and focuses they have.


Jim Pace

Jim has been on staff with NLCF since 1996. He and his wife Tracy have been married since 1995 and they have three kids: Noah, Seth, and Emma.

In 2002, he was ordained through Great Commission Association of Churches as a Pastor/Elder. Presently, he oversees NLCF’s campus congregation, coaches several of the staff and student leaders, keeps an eye on the trajectory of the church overall, and maintains connections with churches or congregations that NLCF has planted (6 to date) and one network that NLCF helped start (Ecclesia). He is involved with Ecclesia, The Collegiate Church Network, as well as the BGAV. Additionally, he travels and speaks across the country.

Jeanette Staats

Jeanette's roles & responsibilities include - general co-oversight of NLCF, discipleship, Orange Fam "Mom", New Life Kids!, church-wide events & service projects, and a few miscellaneous administrative tasks. She has faithfully served in full-time collegiate ministry since June of 2000!



Robbie Poff

Robbie, a southwest Virginia native, has been attending NLCF since 2001, been on the equipping team since 2011, and been one of our pastors since 2019. His main roles include heading up our creative and community gathering ministries. He also co-leads the Grad and Working Fam with his wife Kristal. His passions are discipleship, the church, music, running and fishing. He and Kristal have two wonderfully sweet daughters named Roslyn and Lucy.

Kristal Poff

Kristal has been a part of the NLCF equipping team since 2008, and one of our pastors since 2019. She and Robbie have been married since 2010 and have two sweet little ladies named Roslyn and Lucy.

Her roles include leading and equipping through co-overseeing the Grad and Working Fam, teaching, discipling women in the church, and facilitating an Engage Group. She also works as a staff coach. Kristal leads worship and seeks to welcome others into the community of NLCF as our Connections Team Director.

She is passionate about living life with young people through discipleship - walking through the growth and training of knowing their value in Christ and what it is to live into the calling God has on each of their lives.



David McCann

David has taken on a variety of roles since coming on staff in November of 2014. First, he is the co-parent for the Hokie Family collection of Engage Groups. Through that he coaches and disciples the guy leaders in that family. He also teaches on Sundays, leads the Honduras spring break trip, organizes the Life After College workshop series, and manages our building, 130 Jackson, as a venue for Blacksburg. In addition to these roles, he also helps with community gatherings and finances.

Anna Gibbs

Anna started on staff in 2017 after serving as an intern during her senior year. Her heart for discipleship has led to her various roles within the church. She helps coach and disciple several young woman with the hopes of seeing hearts and lives forever changed, and is a parent of Gobble Fam.

Anna also helps out in various ways with our Sunday gatherings. One of those ways is by helping coordinate and equip the musicians and worship teams. She also helps oversee the Sunday morning service, ensuring the sound equipment is setup properly and the service runs smoothly.



Christian Hearl

Christian has been a part of this church since he was a freshman in 2009, and joined the equipping team in 2013. His passion for seeing God do big and amazing things has put him in various places in our church.

Christian helps parent the Maroon Family, alongside his wife, Meg. He also teaches on Sundays and serves as a Community Gatherings leader.

Meg Hearl

Meg joined our family in 2015 after graduating from Liberty University, and joined the equipping team in 2020. She has the desire to see the people around her come to know the Lord, as well as to equip and encourage people towards stronger relationships with God.

She co-parents the Maroon family with her husband Christian, which involves casting vision, discipling leaders, and more! Her roles put her in many places to make an impact for the Kingdom by pouring into the spaces she spends time.



Jennie Crumpler

Jennie has been part of NLCF since 2013 and joined the equipping team in 2018, she has a passion for making disciples who make disciples.

She and her husband, Johnny, are Gobble Family parents, where they spend time discipling students, building community, and coaching engage group leaders. Jennie also helps with facilitating community gatherings, finances, and the connections team.

Stephanie Arnold

Stephanie has been part of NLCF since 2016 and joined the equipping team in 2020. She is passionate about connecting with students and developing authentic followers of Christ.

She is a parent of Hokie Family, where she spends time cultivated community, discipling female students, and coaching engage group leaders.

Stephanie leads the Hospitality team, scheduling and equipping volunteers to create a welcoming environment at our community gatherings.