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Sermon Archive

Fall 2022

Vision 2022-2023

Three-week introduction series, looking at our vision for the year ahead.

1 Peter

Examining Life in the Kingdom and being on mission through the book of 1 Peter– looking through the lens of “How Then Should We Live?”

Life As Mission

We seek to participate in God’s mission not simply on occasions, but throughout our entire lives. This series broadens our understanding and practice of mission!

The Sacred Ordinary

Journeying through the book of Ruth to see God move in the midst of our everyday lives, and how that helps prepare our hearts for Advent

Life Done Well

Our study of God’s wisdom throughout the book of proverbs, and applying it to our words, work, finances, and more.

We Believe

Looking at the Apostles & Nicene creeds to get a deeper understanding of what “We Believe”

Summer 2022

Finding Jesus in the Stream

Seeing what shows, movies, and more have to tell us about our humanity and the Kingdom of God

By Faith

One of our summer Series where we are studying the emblems of faith found in Hebrews 11

Fall 2021- Spring 2022

There IS More

Studying the book of John and seeing the true difference Jesus makes in our lives.


Postures & Responses to the coming of Jesus

Jesus is Lord

And understanding of God, His Kingdom, and Us

Fall 2020-Spring 2021

This Is Us

The big, beautiful truths of living in the Kingdom even now, in a worldwide pandemic.


Walking through 1 Thessalonians studying themes of hope and holiness found throughout.


Our Advent 2021 series, looking at how God inhabits the earth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Shaped by Jesus

As disciples of Jesus, we must be shaped by Him first and foremost.

Shaped for Relationship

Shaped for Relationship- we take a look at how to navigate sex, marriage, dating, and living single.

Shaped through Prayer

Shaped for Mission- God desires us to be a part of his reconciliation of the world!

Shaped for Mission

God desires us to be a part of his reconciliation of the world!

Summer 2020

Finding Jesus in the Stream

Seeing what shows, movies, and more have to tell us about our humanity and the Kingdom of God

Shalom in the City

Embracing the Opportunity Before Us– Navigating this pandemic through the lens of Jeremiah 29

Fall 2019-Spring 2020

King of All the Earth

Faithfulness in the Book of Daniel


Understanding how worship forms God’s people.


Generosity in a world of scarcity; understanding stewardship and how to honor God with our finances.

The Thrill of Hope

Understanding hope as we enter into the season of Advent 2019.

A Light in the Darkness

A closer look at mental health and the church; anxiety, depression, & addiction.


Understanding God’s heart for all relationships, including how we flourish during this new COVID era.


Studying the book of Nehemiah to see faithfulness in the midst of uncertainty.

Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 – Summer 2019

Stand Firm

The Armor of God

The Weight

Easter Series 2019

Bad Ideas About God

Addressing the difficult topics we all face from God’s will, to personal happiness, science, and more!


Advent 2018


Learning about the Holy Spirit through the book of Acts


Seeing God as both a loving father and sovereign king

Out of Focus

Summer 2019 Collegiate 707p Series

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Semester of Hope

What is hope? Hope in the Psalms. Redemptive Hope. Hope Transforms.

Advent 2018

Advent 2018

Unleashed (Part 1)

Studying the first half of Acts