2021 Donut Dash 5k- November 6, 2021

The 2021 Donut Dash 5k is hosted by NLCF for Honduras Aid.  Come join the fun by running halfway through a 5k, eat some delicious donuts (with each one taking seconds off your total time!), and then finishing back strong!  What could be a better way to spend a Saturday?  All proceeds will go towards New Life Christian Fellowship’s work in Honduras.

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*Every effort will be made to provide race T-shirts as our commemorative item, like we have done in the past. Given the manufacturing supply-chain issues resulting from the global pandemic, T-shirts may not be feasibly accessible. In such a case, another item will be acquired to celebrate and commemorate this awesome event!

**Due to the fundraising aspect of this event, NO REFUNDS will be given after payment is received.

Race Perks

Race registrations completed by October 15th are guaranteed a race commemorative item*.  Extra items might be available.  Water and donuts will be provided at the race. 

The Rules

  • You MUST wear your race bib on the outside of your clothing, clearly visible at all times.
  • This is an open course, that means there could be other people on the trail. Be aware!
  • You must run on the OUTSIDE of the cones, but staying on the Drillfield (not on the roadway)
    • There are course guides at the key turns
  • Lanes for key laps
    • To help keep track of which runners are coming in for donuts, to finish, or just passing through, we will have 3 “lanes” or “chutes” to run through; 1 after each lap
      • After you finish lap 1, you will “pass through” on the right side lane
      • After lap 2, you will come in for donuts
      • After lap 3, you will “pass through” again
      • After lap 4, you will head to the finish
  • Donuts
    • You may stop after two laps and eat as many donuts as you like.
    • For every donut you eat 1 min will be deducted from your finish time.
    • You may only have 1 donut in your hand at a time.
    • You do not need to finish eating your last donut before you start running, but it must be finished before you cross the finish line for the time deduction to count.
    • Time will NOT stop while you eat
    • The person with the lowest overall donut-adjusted finish time wins.
    • You do not have to eat any donuts
      • If you don’t have a sticker on your bib at the finish of the race, we will assume you ate 0 donuts (make sure you get a sticker before you leave the donut station if you ate donuts!)
  • You have 60 minutes to complete the course. After that the race is over.

2021 Event Schedule  

12:00 PM       Registration/Check-In

12:50 PM       Welcome & Rules (Report to Start Line)

1:00 PM         Race Start

2:00 PM         Course Closed

~2:15 PM         Closing Ceremony/Awards

Location/Course Description:

Race Start: April 16th Memorial (On Drillfield)

Parking: Park around the Drillfield, which is open on the weekends.

The Course: This year there will be 4×1.25km laps around a prescribed route inside the VT Drillfield. Donuts will be offered after lap 2 (the halfway point).


Recognition will be given to the top Males/Females in each age category:

18-21, 22-25, 26-40, 40+

Past & Current Race Results