Ripple Campaign

Ripple Campaign? Tell me more!

Over the last several years, God has been preparing our church for big things! He has laid the groundwork for a new church plant in Penn State (Storehouse). He has raised up new leaders, both lay people as well as full time staff members. And in the same way we have been able to use our current space at 130 Jackson to be a blessing to Virginia Tech and the surrounding community, He is moving us onward to a new building. All of these things are key  to our mission as a church in Blacksburg, and they require additional resources beyond our annual capacity. 

Our desire with the Ripple Campaign is to provide funds to get Storehouse going, equip and train leaders, and cultivate an environment for Kingdom work in a new building around Blacksburg.

Imagine what could happen if we all share a part in this and invite God to multiply our impact! 

Here’s how YOU can help

We are seeking folks to partner with the Ripple Campaign on a recurring basis for 36 months. Here’s what that could look like…

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If monthly donations don’t work for you but you would like to contribute, OR you would prefer to give a different amount than the ones suggested above- feel free to adjust the amount and/or frequency through your eGiving account (click DONATE above)


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