Community and Commitment by Jeanette Staats

10406530_504085049725902_5968007150081200268_nLast week NLCF posted this “throwback Thursday” picture on its Facebook page as we gear up to celebrate NLCF’s 25th anniversary!  My freshman year (let’s just say in the late-ish 90s!) that same picture was used as an advertisement around campus to introduce people to NLCF.  While I knew coming to Virginia Tech that I wanted to get involved in a Christian community, I had the blessing of having a roommate who was a year ahead of me in school and already connected to NLCF.  So, pretty much from day one that poster advertisement was taped to our dorm room door (“back-in-the-day” that was okay!) and throughout the first few weeks of school I was slowly introduced to many of the faces in that picture.

Looking back at that picture now, I had no idea at that moment what that community of people (those exact individuals and the many people that would encompass the community of NLCF throughout the years) would mean to me 18 years later!

August is quickly approaching and as a Hokie you are automatically joining an amazing community of people called the Hokie Nation.  You’ve probably never thought about creating an outfit with maroon & orange as the main colors and in just a few months it will feel as if those colors have always belonged together.  But will that be the only community of people that you identify with?

Because of my roommate, some of the extra steps were taken out of my equation in finding a community of people to belong to.  People were coming to my dorm room to see her and consequentially I was constantly being introduced to new friends.  But even if it hadn’t happened that way, I had already made a commitment prior to my first step on this beautiful campus that I would reach out and find community.

So …

– Incoming freshman and transfer students … I encourage you to make that commitment today, before you step foot on the campus of Virginia Tech, to find a community that you can walk through life together centered on your relationship with God.

– Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors … I encourage you to make the commitment today to make the effort needed to welcome people in to your community, into your small group, Engage Group, or circle of friends.  If my roommate’s friends hadn’t been willing to welcome me in to their circle, I think I would have had a much different first year.  

How has being a part of a community of people impacted your life?  


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“I am cared for.” – Jim Pace

10375155_10102535544235883_1319404522494283890_nThis past weekend, NLCF had it’s first ever summer retreat.  I don’t remember if it was my idea or someone else’s, but I was excited about it from the start.

Then my 15 year old son, Seth, fell over.  I mean like a tree fell straight backward in the middle of a conversation he was having with Tracy.  Straight back onto his head and he was unconscious for 15 or 20 seconds.  Even when he came around he was disoriented and groggy.  So we rushed him straight to the ER.  All this started about three hours before I needed to leave.  Everything is working out fine with Seth, it just seems like he fainted, but it took a looong time in the ER to be sure.

I called and texted two of our staff that were leading the retreat, Jeanette and Steve, to let them know I might need to stay behind.  They instantly gave me the freedom to do so, even though my absence would make their jobs harder.  I texted our staff and asked for prayer which they did.  A nurse who works at another hospital checked in to see how he was doing and 2nd nurse, when he heard about Seth, came over to make sure everything was okay.  (Also, thanks DR for the sodas you brought!)  My co-pastor checked in from his vacation, I even heard many at the retreat were praying for Seth as well.

We were cared for, given freedom to deal with this situation, prayed for and loved.  I do love this church.  Thanks New Life Christian Fellowship.

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