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If you want to schedule an event, please fill out this Inquiry Form

All  organizations or individuals (members or nonmembers) must submit a request for use of any part of the facility to the building manager and pay any fees associated with use of the building (See Fee Schedule).  In addition, outside organizations and individuals requesting use of the property for non- ministry purposes must receive approval for their use of the facilities, and use must be compatible with a level of appropriateness determined by the Staff Team.


The following activities will receive automatic approval for use of facilities at no charge.

  1. Worship functions planned/sponsored by the Church staff
  2. Regular church meetings
  3. Church sponsored programs
  4. Church organizational and outreach activities

All other activities will be allowed use of the facilities if available and will be charged the following: The Staff Team has adopted a schedule of use fees to defray costs of maintenance and utilities. In each case, the appropriate fees must be paid in advance at the time reservations are made. Fees may be paid at 130 Jackson. Checks should be made payable to NLCF.

  • Main Room and Side Room: ~$45/hour* (Determined by event type and duration)
  • Sound/Lights/Projection Technician: $30/hour* (must be certified personnel, necessary for live band performances, etc.)
  • Building Manager: $20/hour*
  • Tables/Side Tables: Only as available (estimated replacement cost between $149 and $250)
  • Chairs/Couches: Only as available (estimated replacement cost between $14.99 and $599)
  • Standard Cleaning Fee: $50

*Generally we do not rent the venue beyond 12:00 AM.  When exceptions are made, the rental rates increase ($80/hr rental fee, $40/hr building manager, $60/hr Sound Technician

All individuals/organizations that wish to book 130 Jackson must pay a security deposit to secure the venue at least four (4) weeks in advance.  This fee will be fully refunded after the event provided all aspects of the signed contract are fulfilled.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the operations manager.

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