Ever Wonder Why?

Why Even Bother?

Coming together on Sundays as a church is an interesting thing and the people that come can have very different reasons for doing so. Some might like the worship or teaching a particular church offers. Some come because they get to sit with and see their friends. Others come out of guilt. And others come because they want to understand better how to understand and live life as viewed through the scriptures better.

Have you ever wondered why we go to all the effort? Lugging in equipment, folding programs, getting up and ready early in the morning, braving the cold or the rain? If you are willing to brave the elements a few more weeks we will talk about the whys. Why bother at all, why did God start the church like he did, why do we worship, why are we called to be members, and why leave to live a life styled after Jesus’ mission?

This is a series for anyone who has looked at the church and ever wondered why.

This week’s sermons is titled: Why Even Bother? by Jim Pace

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