A Day in the Life of a Staffer

It’s a challenge sometimes to accurately communicate the 9 to 5 of someone on staff… partly because the 9 to 5 doesn’t exist when you are working with college students and partly because every person on staff has a different job description. I’m not even sure where I’d start if someone were to simply ask me “What does a typical day look like?”

I’ve been on staff for 6 years now and every semester has looked incredibly different. Some might not really enjoy a forever morphing life but personally I love it! Even though there are constant changes, there are the things that I can count on.

I can count on time with God. Even this looks different daily and during different times of the year but it is always a part of my day in some capacity.

I can count on a weekly staff meeting. The one time of the week when we are all get to see each other. A time where we can be crazy or be serious, a time to share about lives both personal and in ministry, and a time to attend to the things that we feel God is calling us to.

I can count on meeting with gals one-on-one to talk about life, ministry, etc.

I can count on being involved in a HomeGroup and LifeGroup and connecting with a community throughout the week.

I can count on developing workshops and training times for LifeGroup Leaders and Apprentices, for Discovering your Divine Design, or for LittleLights. I’ve enjoyed over the last couple of years developing these workshop times and really seeking out what is happening in these various ministries outside the New River Valley.

I can count on always having something that needs to be planned whether it’s activities in the fall like Mission Move-In (MMI: 07 is just 5 months away!) or the fall retreat or the Christmas Banquet or the Leadership Community Banquet or the Seniors Chinese Lunch in the spring… there is always something on the calendar!

In addition to my 9 to 5, I enjoy hanging out with friends and being involved in the community of Blacksburg. I play in a community steel drum band called Panjammers as well as teach piano lessons. Over the years I have really discovered the importance of having a couple outlets that help me to step back from work and get involved in the lives of my neighbors.

It’s funny to look back and reflect on where I thought I’d be today 10 years ago. I don’t think that this life was even the smallest red dot on my radar however this IS where I have landed and I cannot imagine anything else.

I’m sure that I’ve left some of you with more questions then answers on what does the day in the life of a staffer looks like. I do apologize! Feel free to contact me and perhaps we can set up a day for you to shadow one of us and see staff life first hand! After all, that will probably be the best answer to the question!

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Staffer”

  1. Jeanette Staats is one of the most amazing women I know! A hard worker, lover of God and his people.
    She is beautiful and if I could spend an entire day with her I would.
    I love you Buns

  2. I graduated 4 years ago and had the pleasure of knowing Jeanette. It’s good to know she’s still there. The place would probably fall apart without her!

  3. um…pretty sure jeanette is the JANX around town and ANYONE would be lucky to spend an entire day with her! i mean, i know i would…except for the fact that she would be annoyed after about 3 and a half minutes! 😛 i love her! 🙂

  4. Hello,
    You are doing a fantastic job.
    I am curious about all the articles on this site written by “Dave”. Would any of them be by the Dave I know?
    Love, Linda

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