Engage Groups




 General Information/FAQ’s

What are Engage Groups?

  • ENGAGE each other by pursuing authentic community: the scriptures make it clear that we were never intended to live our life of faith alone. We need one another to truly experience God’s full plan for our lives (Hebrews 10:24-25).
  • ENGAGE with culture by connecting with and serving those around us: we were also never intended to live out our faith apart from the cultures we are in. Jesus came to show us how to live in the world, but not be of the world (1 Cor 9:20-23).
  • ENGAGE our faith by seeking intimacy with God: to Jesus, faith is as normal a part of our lives as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Together we can more fully engage our faith and see it become more real in our lives (John 6:60-69).

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Engage Group Families

Our Engage Groups are organized into 4 Engage Group Families – the Hokie, Maroon, Orange, and Grad/Working.  The purpose of Engage Group Families is to serve as another level of connection with people in NLCF.  The size of a family is designed to provide more opportunities to meet people outside of each individual engage group, but not as big as the entire church.  The Engage Groups within each family work together to encourage one another and participate in various activities and service opportunities.

The Hokie Family includes Sports Guys, BreakOUT, Soul Food, Women’s Coffee Break, and Showtime!  It is led by David McCannAlly McCann and Stephanie Arnold.  The Hokie Family gathers to eat dinner together (bring your food with you!) at 6:30p on Thursdays.  Email for specific location!

The Maroon Family includes God Squad, InFocus, and Pacemakers. It is led by Christian Hearl, Emma Davis, Emma Rafferty, and Coral Hendrix and they meet on Wednesdays at 6:00p at the Hearl’s (204 Church St. SE #3).

The Orange Family includes Core Sports, B-Listers, Grounded in Grace, This Is Home, and a fully-Online Engage Group – 7773164031 . It is led by Jeanette Staats, Allie Moseley, Jennie Crumpler, and Johnny Crumpler.  They meet on Thursdays at 6:30p at 1521 (1521 South Main Street).

The Grad/Working Family includes any students in graduate school, or those working in the New River Valley who desire to be around others in a similar place in life!  It is led by Robbie & Kristal Poff, and they meet on Thursdays at 6:00pm at the Poff’s house (PoffHaus).

Engage Groups- 2020-2021

*All of our Engage Groups and Families will be taking place in safe, socially-distant environments, whether that is inside in a larger/spaced-out room or online.  Looking for a fully-online option– check out Orange Family’s Online Engage Group!** 

Hokie Family

Hokie Family Engage Groups grab food, and then meet to eat dinner together on Thursdays at 6.30p, and then split into individual Engage Groups afterwards.

Sports Guys (Men): A group of guys dedicated to their spiritual growth and the building of community through intramural sports.

Time/Location: 6:30p on Thursdays (9/3- @ Henderson Lawn)
Contact: Trevor LeMasterIan Wilson

Soul Food (Women): Sweet girls, muchin’ on sweet treats, talking about the sweet Lord.

Time/Location: 6:30p on Thursdays (9/3- @ Henderson Lawn)
Contact: Lilly Redman & Marley Spencer

Showtime (Women):We are a group of gals who really take “living with a childlike faith” to heart! We’ll be spending time watching various shows, movies, and more with our friends and neighbors to spread the love of Jesus to everyone we meet.

Time/Location: 6:30p on Thursdays (9/3- @ Henderson Lawn)
Contact: Lauren Evans & Selassie Tamakloe

Women’s Coffee Break (Women): We’re a group of girls who spend the morning waking up together, diving into Scripture, and strengthening our relationships with the Lord and each other.  We just love to do life together, typically over a cup of coffee (or tea)!

Time/Location: 7:00a Tuesdays outside of Bollo’s Coffee Shop, then moving to the Drillfield ~7:15a, Family Time 6:30p on Thursdays (9/3- @ Henderson Lawn)
Contact: Anna Gibbs & Lauren Spring

BreakOUT (Co-Ed)This group is focused around spending time in and caring for people around the BreakZone in Squires Student Center.  We like to play pool, ping pong, bowling, and more!

Time/Location: 6:30p @ Thursdays (9/3- @ Henderson Lawn)
Contact: Shea McCormic &  Sarah Bogart

Maroon Family

Maroon Family Engage Groups meet at Christian & Meg’s apartment (204 Church St., #3) on Wednesdays for dinner at 6:00p, followed by discussion and Bible study at 7:15p.

God Squad (Co-Ed): Do you have legendary video game skills or maybe you just like to play? Perhaps you’re looking for a place to connect with others and strengthen your relationship with God? Welcome to the God Squad! We are a co-ed group who love to get together and play games of all kinds, at all skill levels!

Time/Location: 6:00p @ The Hearl’s on Wednesdays
Contact: Greg Suliga and Grace Cutsinger

Pace Makers (Co-Ed): We are a coed group of friends who love to run and eat bagels together, while exploring Tech, Blacksburg, and their faith together.  All levels welcome!

Time/Location: 6:00p @ The Hearl’s on Wednesdays
Contact: Ben Fischer, Emma Pace, & Kevin Moyer

InFocus (Co-Ed): We are a co-ed group whose goal is to grow closer to each other and the Lord through photography! We’ll do anything from hikes and camping to themed photo shoots.  Whether you’re an avid photographer or just wanna try it out, all are welcome! No equipment necessary, you can borrow from the VT library or use your phone!

Time/Location: 6:00p @ The Hearl’s on Wednesdays
Contact: Aislinn Grant & DJ Burkholder

Orange Family

Orange family meets for dinner and family time at 6:30p on Thursdays at 1521.

Core Sports (Co-Ed): We pursue friendship, fellowship, sportsmanship, and maybe a few championships while learning, serving, and glorifying God to the best of our abilities. No matter the talent or skill we pursue God’s will. Guys and girls welcome!

Time/Location: 7:30p @ 1521 on Thursdays
Contact: Adam Vaughan & Abby Darko

This is Home (Co-Ed): We’re a group of friends that want to explore Blacksburg while intentionally serving the community and developing meaningful relationship with one another!  We love to serve in areas of need, support local initiatives, and seek out adventure together!

Time/Location: 7:30p @ 1521 on Thursdays
Contact: Devin Shepard & Allie Kittrell

B-Listers (Co-Ed): A community focused on growing closer to each other and growing closer to God while crossing things off of an ever grow-ing bucket list; from hammocking at the duck pond to group skydiving.

Time/Location: 7:30p @ 1521 on Thursdays
Contact: Tabitha Ngo & David Sanchez

7773164031 – Online EG (Co-Ed): We realize that this season is unique, and a fully-online Engage Group might bless people who cannot meet in person or prefer an online environment.  This is the group for you!  This Engage Group will be meeting fully-online throughout Fall 2020.

Time/Location: 7:00p on Zoom
Contact: Bryce McIntireLilly Church

Grounded in Grace (Women): A group of gals that strive to live our best lives mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  You can catch us trying out yoga, planing a garden, cheffing up some healthy meals, or spending time outside in community with one another.  All in all, we are a group focused on being rooted in Christ and learning how that cultivates the day to day aspects of our lives.

Time/Location: 7:30p @ 1521 on Thursdays
Contact: Sara Hallam, Leigh Ann Stapleton, & Korryn Pudleiner

Grad & Working Family

Grad Students & Working (Co-Ed): True to it’s name, the Grad & Working group is just that: A group of graduate students and young working folks. Finding ourselves in similar stages of life, we enjoy spurring each other on as we navigate life after undergrad. Together we pursue God, do life, and seek to BE for those in our various spaces. EG is hosted at the PoffHaus – Thursdays at 6pm. Kids welcome! Email the Poffs for address and other details..

Time/Location: 6:00p at the PoffHaus on Thursdays
Contact: Robbie & Kristal Poff