Jim Pace

Jim has been on staff with NLCF since 1996.  He and his wife Tracy have been married since 1995 and they have three kids: Noah, Seth, and Emma.

He recieved his Bachelor’s from Virginia Tech in Psychology and Sociology. He is currently pursuing his M. Div at Leland and plans to get his Doctorate.

Jim has had about every role in NLCF over the years with the exception of worship leading (fortunately for everyone).  He started as a co-leader of a small group and had various other administrative jobs. Over time he began teaching and leading teams. In 2002, he was ordained through Great Commission Association of Churches as a Pastor/Elder. Presently, he oversees NLCF’s campus congregation, teaches about 75% of the time, coaches several of the staff and student leaders, keeps an eye on the trajectory of the church overall, and maintains connections with churches or congregations that NLCF has planted (6 to date) and one network that NLCF helped start (Ecclesia).  He is involved with Ecclesia, The Collegiate Church Network, as well as the BGAV.  Additionally, he travels and speaks across the country.

Jim’s first book, “Should We Fire God?”  – highly acclaimed by his mother and others 🙂 – continues to do well, but plans for book number two are on hold while he focuses on collecting degrees and having a balanced life and ministry.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading broadly, keeping active, and watching his family and NLCF grow into the full expression of what Christ sees they can be.  He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

You can connect with Jim on Facebook, Twitter, and he blogs at jimpace.org.

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