Key Churches in Key Areas

This list of churches was compiled by recommendations from NLCF alumni and friends. It also includes sister churches of NLCF and churches we’ve become familiar with through the Ecclesia Network. We’re also affiliated with the Collegiate Church Network, which has campus churches all over the United States.

Northern Virginia

DC Metro Church: A non-denominational, Bible-believing church that seeks to provide a place where people can encounter God in a real, relevant, and enjoyable environment. We are a multi-cultural, life-giving church that has a strong relational emphasis because we believe that transformation happens best in the context of healthy, God-first relationships.
“Some NLCF alumni attend DC Metro Church – it’s awesome!”

Downtown Baptist Church (Alexandria): An unusual, atypical church family that happens to be Baptist. If you are looking for a warm, inviting, and accepting group of disciples of Christ, you have found us! We are seeking to learn to love God and to love others. The Great Commandment and the Great Commission serve as the foundational support for all we seek to be and do in the Kingdom of God. It would be our delight to have you join us!
“Downtown Baptist Church would be happy to have newcomers! Two services to choose from, a cool pastor, and good stuff going on…”

McLean Bible Church (Northern VA): Metropolitan Washington is a unique place. With over six million people, it is one of the most powerful, educated, and diverse cities in the world. It is also one of the most secularized. We believe that God has assigned a unique role to McLean Bible Church: “to impact secular Washington with the message of Jesus Christ.”MBC is large non-denominational church with a mix of traditional and contemporary worship. There are several locations (Tysons, Arlington, Prince William County, Loudon County, Silver Spring, Internet) to chose from in order to find the right fit for you and the area where you live.
“I would suggest pointing graduates toward Frontline. There are now Frontline services in four locations: Tysons, Prince William (Manassas), Arlington, and Silver Spring.”

Reston Bible Church (Dulles): Reston Bible Church is a non-denominational church that exists to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known. RBC seeks to accomplish this through biblical preaching, teaching, and authentic Christian community here in Northern Virginia.
“What has been most influential for me is the Tuesday evening “ForWord” events – a young adult ministry that has really helped me get connected to the church quickly.  On top of having solid teaching/worship, I’ve been able to meet other young professionals like myself who want to develop their relationship with God.”

Sojourn Church (Fairfax): Sojourn Church is a new gospel-centered church that exists to glorify God by making disciples who know the gospel, live out the implications of the gospel, and share the message of the gospel.
“I am an alumni and the lead pastor and planter for a new church that is starting in Fairfax, VA in September. It is called Would love for you to check it out. Hit me up if you have any questions (justin.pearson@sojournfai”

Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach

Coastal Community Church: (VB) Christianity and the Bible are not just antiques from the past. At Coastal we want to help you see how practical they are for today. We want to help you find the answers to the hard questions. Our worship services include contemporary music, video clips and dramas that help illustrate solutions to real life issues. The messages are in everyday language, with logical Biblical advice that’s easy to understand. Check out our young adult ministry, Fuse.

City Life Church: (Newport News) Seeking the kingdom of God here and now in our daily lives, by dedicating our lives to Jesus Christ.

Crosscurrent Church: (VB) The name Crosscurrent Church originated from the belief that the church in it’s very nature was called to live in the world, but not of the world, acting as an influencing agent in the culture with the Gospel. At Crosscurrent Church, we believe we are called to be a community of people joined together by God, through the Gospel, and living in unity for a common Gospel purpose.

Wave Church: (VB) Wave Church is a growing church that is in love with God, life, and people; changing the world one life at a time. Because of its impact and influence on the lives of people in the Hampton Roads community, Wave Church will become an example of discipleship, leadership, and relationship.
“It’s a big church, but I highly recommend it! Excellent vision, contemporary worship, and sound teaching focused on the word.”


Commonwealth Chapel: A Christ-centered community dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and health to the City of Richmond through corporate celebration, passionate prayer, and urban mission.

Hope: Hope offers “experiences, relationships and places where people can find life and purpose through Jesus Christ.” They have several locations throughout Richmond.


All Souls Charlottesville: (Ecclesia Network) All Souls is a community of friends and soon-to-be friends leaning toward life in the way of Jesus and expending our energy and resources toward the common good of our home, Charlottesville. We will eat together, cry together, and laugh together as we find our hope in God’s intention to make all things new.

Washington D.C.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church: CHBC is a large baptist church with traditional worship and sermons.  There are multiple ways to get involved in the ministry including small groups, service ministries, mission trips, retreats, etc. The congregation includes a wide variety of families, children, college students, young professionals, and older attenders.
“The congregation is so different that you can find great community in all stages of life.”

The District Church: (Ecclesia Network) Our vision is to be a multiplying network of churches that exists for Christ and the renewal of our city. At The District Church we want to be a church that helps pastor the world changers that move here while coming alongside those who are on the outskirts of society. We want to be a community that is actively helping people find their way back to God while helping them find their God given mission in life.

Grace Presbyterian Church (Chinatown): In the Grace DC Network, our purpose is to be a church in and for the city. We long to be an inwardly-growing and outwardly-serving community, faithfully striving to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Bible tells us that the Church is the continuing ministry of Jesus, so we feel that our community and ministry ought to reflect His gracious words and deeds, as well as engage skeptics, seekers and followers. Grace DC is a medium size (1,000) church with a mix of traditional and contemporary worship. The congregation is primarily young professionals 22-34 years old and young married couples, but also has older attenders, children, and babies.
“I like Grace because of the similarity I have with the young professionals that attend and its serious commitment and devotion to growing in and learning more about the character of God and scripture.”

National Community Church (multiple sites): NCC is an ever-growing, multi-site church which allows us to have many sub-communities and small groups tailored for different neighborhoods.  Sites are located at coffee shops and theaters in Potomac Yard (VA), Ballston (VA), Kingstowne (VA), two locations on Capitol Hill in DC, Georgetown (DC), and Columbia Heights (DC). The congregation is primarily college students and young professionals 18-32 years old, but also includes young married couples, children, and families.
“I like NCC because there is so much to offer that it makes it easy for a person to find activities and ways to involve themselves in the best fit for them in growing in their relationship with Christ. NCC is very similar to [nlcf].”

North Carolina

Daystar Church (Greensboro): At Daystar, we set out to build a different kind of church. One that meets you right where you live. One with great worship and great friends, that challenges you to take big steps through a God that loves you. A church where your family flourishes with amazing programs for children and a culture where young and old alike find the foundations to live lives of significance.  At Daystar,we “live on mission.”  On mission, we make it a big deal to do all we can to help our community. On mission, we put together great programs for our children and youth. On mission, we bring God into our daily lives, lend a helping hand and look for opportunities to share His love. On mission, everything changes.

Oak Church (Durham): Oak is a recent church plant and also just joined the Ecclesia Network family. They seek human flourishing and provide hospitality in the heart of Durham.

The Summit Church (Raleigh/Durham): Our vision is about gospel-centered living, the church as a new community, and blessing our community.

Vintage Church (Raleigh): Vintage Church is a church of doubters, seekers, and followers who are learning to follow and worship Jesus Christ. All are welcome with no prerequisite of church background or prior belief. Bring your faith and your doubt, your joy and your tears, your praise and your selfishness. As a church, we want to emulate Jesus’ call in Matthew 11:28 for all to come to him. NLCF alumni attend here!


Bay Area Community Church (Annapolis): Bay Area remains committed to making passionate maturing followers of Christ from here to the nations, and can be found doing so by God’s grace at 884 Chesterfield Rd. and in missional communities throughout Anne Arundel County. At the heart of our church family is the simple, profound conviction that Jesus is Lord.


Kairos Los Angeles: (Ecclesia Network) “Kairos” is a Greek word meaning “when all things come together.” Kairos is an interdenominational church committed to bringing a greater sense of love, joy, beauty, justice and peace to the neighborhood and to the world. We desire to help people live out their calling, walk with God, become people of welcome, embody the ministry of reconciliation and live faithfully in the story of God. Kairos was planted by JR Woodward (founding pastor of [nlcf]) and a team from Virginia Tech. Two locations: Hollywood and Santa Monica.

The Rock Church (San Diego): The Rock Church’s mission is to save, equip, and send out a highly motivated army of believers who engage every segment of society while remaining true to our DNA.
“It’s definitely enormous (12,000 weekly attendees approximately), but it is extremely involved in the San Diego community in a MYRIAD of ways, and the pastor is wonderful.”

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