Robbie & Kristal Poff

Kristal Poff came on staff in January 2008 and married her long-time beau, Robbie, in 2010. He joined the staff team in August of 2011. They both met through NLCF while undergrads at Virginia Tech. She graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s in Human Nutrition, Food, and Exercise and minored in Psychology. Basically, she’s just trying to be healthy and sane along with everyone else. Robbie graduated from Radford University in 2008 with a degree in Media Studies, and a concentration in Production Technology. He’s most comfortable BEHIND the camera.

Some of their roles include heading up our Connections team (Kristal), co-leading NLCF’s women’s ministry – “REACH” (Kristal), developing NLCF’s multi-media & creative ministries (Robbie), helping with worship teams (both), and leading an Engage Group (both.) They’re passionate about fostering leadership through discipleship and helping students recognize their value and worth in Christ.

In their free time they enjoy playing with their pets (Lily the dog and Amelie the cat), traveling together, reading, Starbucks, being outside, running (Robbie) and dancing (Kristal).

Their desire is to experience and know God through His creation, community, and Scripture and from that, share His love with others.

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