Before They Go…

Before they go, we asked the Swanns to share a little bit about what they’ll miss about Blacksburg and [nlcf], and what they’re looking forward to with their move…

1. What are some things your family will miss about Blacksburg?
[nlcf], friends, hokie football games, the leaves changing colors

2. What are some of your favorite things about [nlcf]?
The people, the feeling of family, and of course… Jim Pace

3. What are some things you are looking forward to about living in Orlando?
Disney World (can you guess who gave that answer?), working with missionaries, and the close drive to the beach

4. Tell us about your new jobs…
Mike- I will be the Missionary Resources Director for Great Commission Ministries (GCM). GCM is the organization that employes our staff here at [nlcf].  I will oversee all of the “missionary” side of GCM’s ministry: missionary recruitment, hiring and assessment, New Staff Training, support-raising coaching and performance, care and crisis, and traditional human resources functions such as health benefits and employment.

Sarah- I will be working part-time for GCM as an assistant to the executive director for GCM as well as helping to administrate all the Leadership Trainings (“LT”s) nationally.

5. When can we expect a visit?
Hopefully sometime this fall… maybe for VT’s Homecoming.

6. How can we as a church family pray for and support you in this move?
Pray for us to quickly find a new church home, a smooth transition specifically for Benjamin with his school and finding new friends, for us to learn and adapt quickly to our new roles, and for Than to adapt well to his new preschool.  And a way you can support us is to stay in touch with us through phone calls, texts and emails!

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