“Broken”- A Reflection on the 2018 Honduras Trip

Broken. I spent weeks praying for God to prepare my heart to see the things I was told I was going to see in Honduras. Families crammed in homes that were barely homes. The creek from where the people of Los Quiscamotes got their drinking water. Trash and stray dogs at every corner. Brokenness. I spent weeks praying for God to prepare my heart to see brokenness.

I learned a lot in just one short week. I learned that any conversation could spark by asking “Como se dice….” and then pointing in a random direction. It was phenomenal. I learned that in Honduras, people associate Roosters with the noise “keekeedeekee” and not our usual “cockadoodledoo”. I learned that there are about a million ways you can serve beans, tortillas, and rice. I also learned very quickly that the people of Honduras love so well. From the people of Great Commission Church-Danli, to my host family, to the random person at the market that screamed at me in Spanish to zip up my purse to hide my money- Honduras is truly a place overflowing in love.

From when I was a kid, I have always been passionate about making videos. I love the idea of capturing moments that mean a lot to me and being able to share them with people that mean a lot to me. So, I was very intentional throughout the week to record everything from boarding the planes, to the team packing food bags, to carrying water filters, to blowing bubbles with the kids at the daycare, to beat boxing on the roof, to the team looking out at the sunset on bus rides. I got it all. Well, had it all. It was about 4 days in, and my camera was completely wiped.

We evangelized to a lot of houses in that short week of being in Honduras. But there was something dramatically different about the two houses I went to right after my camera was wiped. I saw God use me and the rest of the team to absolutely transform those two houses. I saw truth be spoken and believed in 20 minutes. I saw God work miracles- with my own eyes, and not through the lenses of a camera. I came to realize that what God did within the walls of those houses were moments that no camera would ever be able to capture for its true entirety.

Beautiful. I spent a week seeing ways of which Honduras was not broken. Kids hugging everyone they could before saying good-bye. Two women crying and embracing me out of pure gratefulness for God’s relentless love and grace. An entire church community prepping all day leading up to presenting the Lord’s word for His people. I spent a week realizing that we live for a God who makes the broken, beautiful. A God that knew it took gruesome death for glorious and eternal life. A God who chooses us to help His will be done but does not need us. I spent a week coming to the realization that the brokenness I prayed for God to prepare my heart to see, was the thing that God is already making beautiful.


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