Christianity is Strange (Day 38 of 42)

In physicist Blaise Pascal’s proverbial book titled Pensees he writes, “Christianity is strange.” In my opinion this is a rather awkward and puzzling way of describing the Way he professes to follow.

So what I am trying to say? Well I believe Blaise Pascal was a devout Christian. He offers a unique persepective grasping known physical laws and livng professed Christian disciplines. I would definitely say it made him a bit strange and as that cliché saying goes, “it takes one to know one.” And I see it sure does as this scientist played part in his own Jesus-following experiment personally testing out this physical/spiritual mystery.

Jesus, the man who jump-started Christianity by being Christ and all, was no stranger to being strange. As a Holy Man, he hung out with all the wrong people: tax collectors, wine bibbers, outcasts, lepers, demon-possessed, the blind, the lame, the poor, the sinners, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… If I may test out my own physical/ spiritual theory for a moment, it was as if Jesus was following some kind of paradoxical mathematical formula or law. For wherever the social outcast was, (you know, the low man on the totem pole), there Jesus was sticking up for the rejected under-dog. To top it off, Jesus publicly professed that He revealed who God perfectly was and is and always will be… or as Philip Yancey poetically describes this wonder of physics, this awesome formula, “Grace like water flows to the lowest points of gravity.” And so it seems physically and spiritually, God defies social gravitational forces and laws of physics. Christ makes the supposed weak strong, God-graced, and of course, strange.

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