Clement Blanc: Set Apart

clementIn the Spring of 2011, I spent a semester in a VT lab (and at NLCF) for an internship in acoustics. At that point, I was playing the bass for at least 15 hours a week with the goal to be able to serve God full-time somehow with my instrument. By the end of April, my arms suddenly became very painful. I couldn’t play anymore, and I could barely keep typing on a keyboard to finish my internship.

It was the beginning of a 2-year period not being able to play the bass on a regular basis and not being able to type on a keyboard for more than an hour at a time. In the Spring of 2012, I had to do a second internship, but at that point, I wasn’t even able to use a pencil, so I started that internship with absolutely no chance to last there more than a week. But God made it possible.

As soon as I started to use my computer for work, the pain was gone. And as soon as I would go back home, the pain would be back. For months, God was healing me, just when I needed it during working hours, and then He would keep the trial going for the rest of the day. I learned a lot during those tough 2 years of the pain and the constant need to rely only on God.

But being away from music, God also gave me the time to study his Word, to study the life of heroes in the faith, and to learn a lot through a great preacher. A long story short, by the end of 2012, I strongly felt God calling me set myself apart to go study his Word in seminary. So I quit my work and I start in a few days at seminary, knowing that God led me there patiently for all the work He has prepared for me.

~ Clement Blanc

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