Dave Matthews in Review

Dave Matthews, presiding as High Priest over the Temple of the American College Experience, quoted Bob Marley, the Arch-Bishop of the International Church for the Enjoyment of Humanity, who in turn was relaying a message from three little birdies upon his doorstep who told him not to worry about a thing. Why? Because, they said, every little thing’s gonna be alright.

Hmmm. Who are these birds and how do they know?

As we sang together with Dave and Bob and the birds that night, how many of us honestly felt that saying that “every little thing was going to be alright” made it thus? If not the first several times, maybe after a dozen, maybe a cappella, maybe with hands raised, maybe with eyes closed? Are Dave and Bob and the birds, accomplished as they are in their respective fields of music, capable of giving such assurance? If not, then who can?

As much as I enjoyed that night, and Kati can attest that I was jumping out of my gourd with excitement, that moment soon became hollow. Something substantial was missing. I began to contrast it with the moment on Sunday April 22 when we enthusiastically sang the words:

I can see a light that is shining for the heart that holds on.
There will be an end to these troubles, but until that day comes,
Still I will praise You, still I will praise You!

Indeed the birds, just like the lilies, have a message for us to not worry about a thing (and it is likely that Bob wrote this from his extensive reading of the scripture) yet we are left hopelessly short if we don’t listen to them continue to inform us about their ultimate source of provision.

Hope in hope is no hope at all.

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