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11222708_10207659305750688_1917627071946735891_nEngage Groups don’t *just* work to serve our amazing God, but they also work to create communities of individuals who quickly become family.

Halie Artzer, a member of the “Gilmore Girls” Engage Group gives us a peek into her experience:

How did you get connected to the group originally? I got connected to my Bible Study second semester of my freshman year. I had a friend who invited me to go to the “Gilmore Girls” group, and I loved it! After the first night, I never stopped going.

How has being a member of the group impacted you (implying that it has, in fact, affected you)? “Gilmore Girls” has impacted me in so many ways; not only has it allowed me to grow in my faith, but it has given me an opportunity to meet so many life-long friends. It has given me an incredible sense of community—one that has helped me get through the major stresses of college. Just knowing that not only is God on my side through whatever happens in my life, but I also have a solid group of encouragers within my Engage Group to help me through life.

What do you do at a typical “Gilmore Girls” Engage Group meeting? We meet at the Loft, gather on comfy couches to relax, and we watch one episode of “Gilmore Girls.” We sometimes munch on snacks, and we always talk about our weeks and have time to catch up on what is new and exciting in our lives. [Note: “Gilmore Girls” has Bible studies that meet outside of “Gilmore Girls” time – one Bible study occurs Wednesday evening, right before “Gilmore Girls,” and the other occurs Thursday mornings. Girls are encouraged to attend the Bible study at the time that works best for them.]

What do you like best about your Engage Group?The thing I love most about “Gilmore Girls” is that it is a place where I can go to take a break, and it has provided me with so many great people to share life with.

Do you have any funny stories from Engage Group to share? *No response*

At this point, I think it’s fair to say that you’ll need to join one of our Engage Groups in order to hear about the funny stories…because acting as interviewer, nobody has been willing to tell me any crazy stories. So, this should be incentive enough (and then maybe I’ll interview you, and you’ll have every right to say “pass” when I ask this question). For those of you who think “Gilmore Girls” Engage Group sounds like a fun fit, be sure to contact one (or both!) of the leaders of the group: Jaime Haile  and Bekah Routzon.

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