God Is In the Details

The Summer Engage Group is studying the book of Exodus. Over the last few weeks we have had some great discussions about how God is in the details … even the ones we cannot see!

Last summer while I was on a mission trip in Ukraine with [nlcf], I had the opportunity to spend time with a girl named “Levina.” She had recently been released from the hospital and was in the infirmary building of the orphanage. I don’t know how to fully describe Levina’s condition. I believe her picture speaks better than my words can about the frailness of her 6-year old body. Sasha (the pastor in Ukraine) asked if I would go spend time with her. As she lay in her bed, Inna (my Ukrainian friend & translator) and I would rub her body (her muscles are severally atrophied), read her stories, and pray with her. Honestly there wasn’t a lot we could do but to simply be with her. Toward the end of our trip I remember having a conversation with Inna as we talked about what we thought was going to happen to Levina. I hate to
admit that I had little faith that she was going to live much longer…

A few months ago, I was googling Ukraine orphan statistics for our UkraineKids 5k Fundraiser when I stumbled upon a picture of Levina. One site led to another site and I discovered that just prior to my trip to Ukraine, a 15-year old girl had met Levina as well. Her parents were adopting from the same orphanage and during their trip she had spent some time with Levina. Little did I know that while I was spending time with Levina, this 15-year old girl was back in the States creating a website, creating a Facebook page, creating videos, and advocating for a family to find Levina. Several months later, paperwork was being filed and a family was in the process of bringing Levina home! I have had the opportunity to talk to Levina’s mom through e-mail and recently discovered that our travel times might coincide. How crazy it would be to witness this family being united?

We talk a lot about “Kairos Moments,” a time “when the eternal God breaks into your circumstances with an event that gathers some loose ends of your life and knots them together in His hands.” This has certainly been a kairos moment for me. What is God saying to me? He IS in the details! His words ARE truth. He knows Levina’s story. He knows my story. He knows your story. I have realized that my faith can be so small … even when all He asks for is faith the size of a mustard seed! What does God want me to do? I think He wants me to examine my life for those other areas where my faith is small, to acknowledge it, and be honest with Him (I appreciate Moses: “He said, ‘Oh, Master, please! Send somebody else!”), and then to actively believe He IS in the details … even the ones I cannot see.

~ Jeanette Staats

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