Jamey & Lesley Smith

jamey and lesley smithJamey and Lesley Smith are VT/NLCF alumni who are just a month and a half away from moving to Danli, Honduras as missionaries. They will be attending training in Colorado later this month before heading to Honduras to work with our sister church in Danli for four years. Jamey will be working with water & sanitation systems and Lesley will be helping the church with event management and the children’s ministry.

1. Why did you decide to move to Honduras? We decided to move to Honduras because we’ve been feeling God calling us to Danli over the past few years. We’ve had multiple opportunities to go on NLCF’s spring break trips and completely fell in love with the people and culture there. There is so much brokenness and poverty there and we have the desire to go and be a light for Jesus and share his love with the people of Honduras.

2. What are you most excited and most nervous about? We are most excited about the adventure of moving to another culture and getting to experience all that entails. We can’t think of a better way to start out our marriage than serving God in this way. We are definitely most nervous about the language. Even though we have been practicing, we still are not fluent. Keep praying that this comes quickly for us!

3. How can NLCF support you? NLCF can support us by praying for our specific needs that we will continue to share with you all during our time there and connecting with us while we are there. Feel free to connect with us at any point whether that be through email, facebook, text, etc. We will love hearing from you all! Also, you should definitely come on NLCF’s spring break trip to Danli and you can join in with the amazing things God is doing there!

You can follow our adventures on our blog at: jameyandlesley.blogspot.com

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