Letters from the Wilderness No. 1

I graduated college last May and felt very accomplished…for about an hour. Almost as soon as we finished taking pictures and moving out, people began to ask me “well, what are you going to do now?” I imagine most people were genuinely interested in my life and wanted to connect with me; but as someone with a chronic illness, answering this question became more and more difficult. The truth is, I’m not up to much. Not much that people can see anyway.

I believe God often takes people through a time of great trial before they can be ready for what He has in store. He took Jesus into the wilderness, He takes our staff through support raising, and He might take you to LT this summer. Only Jesus knows exactly how to shape you for your specific purpose. I don’t know why my wilderness has to be poor health, but it is, and I have been asked to share my journey with you, NLCFers!

This week I am beginning to talk with God about how to learn patience. I know I am going to have to use a lot of it in this season. I know it’s important. But I don’t know how to become patient. When I think of patience, I think of a mom teaching her kids to read. What do you think about? Do you know anyone who is extraordinarily patient?

~Elle Humes
2017 NLCF Alum

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