Matt Roger's Latest Book is now on Amazon

Matt Rogers’ second book (the first one he wrote) is officially releasing today. It chronicles four years of his struggle with depression. Having known Matt for the last bit of that time, I saw first hand the really courageous steps he took to cling to God, His Word and His goodness, even when it didn’t always seem like goodness to him. It was a beautiful story to watch unfold, and if this is anything like his other book, I know it will be a great story to read.

If you are planning on purchasing his book, we are asking that if possible, you would order it today (Oct 20) through Amazon. Amazon keeps a continually refreshing list of books that are being bought, and it is a simple way for us to help get the book out there. As with his last, we do this because we believe this book will be helpful for many here in Blacksburg, but also across the country and across the world. This will enable it to be seen by more people that it could be helpful for.

A quote from Brian McLaren about the book:

“Depression is far more common in our churches than many of us realize, and too often our churches unintentionally make the suffering even worse. In Losing God, Matt Rogers courageously tells the story of his depression with unflinching honesty, theological insight and deep human sensitivity. The book will bring hope to those who carry the weight of depression… and it will help the rest of us to share and lift the emotional burden others carry instead of adding to it. A needed book, beautifully written, from a promising new writer.”

Have a great day, Love you all,
Mike Swann

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