NRV in top 10

The tri-“city” area of Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and Radford makes the list of the top 10 affordable job powerhouses for MSN Real Estate: places where the cost of living and unemployment are low and the number of jobs is growing steadily. It’s yet another reason to hang around after graduation and keep being a part of [nlcf], as if there weren’t enough reasons already.

3 thoughts on “NRV in top 10”

  1. Cool, and I like Blacksburg, but shouldn’t Christians be going OUT into the world? I feel like the places where people are suffering from bad economy are where Christians are needed most. Still I love Blacksburg, and would love to stay around.

  2. Great point! I’ve gotten so used to living here and hearing people routinely say “No one in their right mind could stay in this blankety blank place” that I was glad to hear someone give us props. The cool thing is that those who stay local can still obey the commission to go and reach every nation with Christ’s love because thousands of people from around the world find their way to our remote neck of the woods. They then go off to the world formed by what they experienced here.

  3. FYI, there are plenty of impoverished people very close to where you/we live. Montgomery county is pretty shiny, but many of the surrounding areas are suffering from job loss, drug problems, and the resulting poverty and homelessness. “The Valley” is great, but it is still in the heart of Appalachia (one of the poorest regions of America). Missions work does not have to involve extensive travel, especially when so many need our help right here.

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