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As part of a mass media blitz to enlighten Blacksburg to the way I see things, I’ve taken a summer volunteer columnist position at the Collegiate Times. I hope to brush on issues of faith and life with humor and tact, and perhaps influence people to think for a brief moment about their purpose for existence. Thus far I’ve written the articles Ruthless Corporate Villains, Compassion Should Precede Tragedy, and John Lennon’s Imaginary World. If you feel compelled, write a response to the paper so everyone can know your opinion as well. They usually print everything they get, especially in the summer. If you have an idea for an article (or would like to write a 700 word draft for me), please reply here and let me know. Writing a persuasive essay each week is proving harder than I anticipated!

2 thoughts on “Opinions in the CT”

  1. Micah Chambers

    Yeah, thats great. I actually saw the article “compassion should precede tragedy” in the paper and I was thinking….wow this is the best article in the CT I have ever read. I don’t know how people who aren’t Christians responded to it, but I think everyone has to question why American lives seem to be worth so much more than the lives of people in other areas (especially the middle east).

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