Psalms Meditation – Aug. 3

“Woe Is Me, That I Sojourn in Meshech”

Read Psalm 120

A man submerged in a culture swarming with lies and malice feels as if he is drowning in it: he can trust nothing he hears, depend on no one he meets. The longing for peace and truth sets him on a pilgrim search for wholeness in God. Dissatisfaction with the world of sin is preparatory to traveling in the way of discipleship.

PRAYER: God, in a world where more lies are told than truth, and where enmity is more common than peace, I thank you for your constancy and your fidelity. Give me the strength to be a peacemaker when those around me are scornful of your peace. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

by Eugene Peterson, “A Year with the Psalms” p. 160

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