Psalms Meditation – July 21

(sorry for the delay. houseofchinn’s internet was out on monday.)

“I Will Call to Mind the Deeds of the Lord”

Read Psalm 77:11-20

Troubles exacerbated by self-pity are brought under the operations of grace. The spirit, rescued from morbid introspection, sees clouds pouring water, skies thundering, and arrows flashing—God is acting for men in need. The tiresome “I think of God and I moan” has, in the course of prayer, become the exhilarating “I will…muse on thy mighty deeds….What god is great like our God?”

PRAYER: O God of Exodus and Easter, I remember all I know of your love poured out in deliverance and resurrection. You rescue from sin and you raise to new life. You sustain and you lead. I praise you for your unending mercy and your untiring faithfulness. Amen.

By Eugene Peterson, “A Year with the Psalms” p. 90

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