Quick Update From The Swanns

Before I start, I just have to reiterate how extremely blessed we felt from all you who sent us off to Orlando so well. We have “bragged about” [nlcf] and the community to so many as I’ve shown off our Frank Beamer football or our personalized Blacksburg picture, shown pics of the Hokie Bird with [nlcf], or gone to Blizzard Beach water park for Benjamin’s birthday thanks to your great gifts and blessings!

Orlando has been going pretty well so far. Sarah and I are really settling into our jobs, and we really like them. They fit our gift mix well, and we have enjoyed being a part of the GCM Office team. The boys have enjoyed Orlando life so far. We’ve hit Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Blizzard Beach so far, and we’re hoping to head to Typhoon Lagoon (the other Disney Water Park) with GCM Executive Director Tom Mauriello and his family soon! However, even with the warm greetings from the office, the new roles and Disney, we have had many times of missing VA Tech, our friends, fellow staff and all of [nlcf]. We are starting to consider a fall trip to Blacksburg, and hope we can see many of you then!!! We love you a lot!!!

~ Mike, Sarah, Benjamin and Than

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