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Something new we are trying this year on our Honduras trip is distributing household water filters.  They each cost $35 to make, and we are hoping to take ~10 filters with us this year.

The basic concept is this: Pour water into the top bucket, which gets filtered by the main filter device.  Clean water drips down into the bottom bucket, and can then be used via a tap at the bottom.

The filter and tap are from Amazon for ~$19 and ~$4 respectively.  The science behind the filter itself includes a ceramic layer to filter out particles down to a 0.2 micron size.  Inside the ceramic is activated carbon, a common component of many Brita filters, which attracts little ions that (when removed) will improve the taste, color, and odor of the water.  Finally, the filter includes colloidal silver which will kill any bacteria that gets in the filter.  The entire design of the system is based off of a colleague’s referral to Safi Filters used in Africa.

We are planning to distribute these filters in the small neighborhood of Los Quiscamotes and see how receptive people are to them.  We also just found out that the buckets can be purchased locally in Danli for $5-6 each.

So, would you like to sponsor a filter for $35?

If so, you may email me ([email protected]), and pay NLCF via:

  • Venmo (@NewLifeChristianFellowship)
  • E-giving
  • Cash or Check given to NLCF

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