9:30 service in Jackson St.

We will have one service this morning at 9:30am in the Jackson St. building. (directions below) Come join us if you can make it.

But please know that if you live on streets that are bad, or if you just feel uncomfortable driving, stay at home. God doesn’t keep an attendance record and neither do we. ; ) Just enjoy “worshiping the Lord in Spirit and in truth” wherever you are.

Jackson St. Directions…

Go to the Lyric & face away from it as if you are walking out of it
Turn left and walk down the College Ave. sidewalk
Turn at the next left and walk down the Draper Ave. sidewalk
Turn left just past Bollo’s cafe and walk up the metal steps to the small parking lot
Jackson St. is on the left through the glass doors
(Apx. a 1 minute walk from the Lyric to Jackson St… 2 in snow ; )

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