Summer Faith Challenge (Day 24 of 42)

Okay… so after another missed day, all I can do is share that this summer faith thing is challenging. It doesn’t seem too hard to have to post a blog daily, but yet I’m only batting .500 on day 4. That might be a hall of fame batting average, but I’m not sure the same rules apply to blogging.

One thought that has been on my mind since yesterday was the idea of hunger and satisfaction.

A quick story: After attending a baseball game in Salem on Friday, I found myself and the 4 others with me craving a Krispy Kreme donut. We frantically drove to get there before close, and we bought a dozen in addition to being given a free one each. Our tummies were satisfied and we didn’t think much of it until later, when Jeanette (one of the 4) discovered Friday had been Free Donut Day at all Krispy Kreme shops. We got a good laugh out of that one, and joked that must have been why some of us were craving one.

Fast forward to Monday night’s Bible study, and one of the ladies shared that she hadn’t realized how thirsty she was for fellowship until she had attended the first Bible study. It was being there, satisfied, that left her realizing how thirsty she had been.

What is it that each of us is thirsty for this day? This summer? The next year? Sometimes we might miss something we need, because we don’t realize we need it until its right in front of us. Other times we just want something and don’t realize that we can have it without having to do a lot to get it. My point is this: either way, by being active in our faith, giving things a try, and putting ourselves out there, we are more likely to find satisfaction in God than if we just stay complacent.

Two different examples. Same result. Satisfaction. What a wonderful feeling.

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