Sunday Info- Spring 2021

We’re SO excited for our first in-person worship gatherings in a while (happening Sunday, January 24th)! If you are in town and planning to attend, please read this post so you know what to expect, including a few shifts from last semester.

We have four services:

  1. 930am NLCF Generations online at
  2. 11am Squires Colonial
  3. 707pm 1521 South Main St. (inside this semester + streamed at

In order to aid with COVID contact tracing, we ask that you fill out our check-in form (or use your personalized link) upon arrival at any of the in-person gatherings. Next, your temperature will be taken, and we will ask for verbal confirmation that you have not been experiencing COVID-related symptoms.

For those of you going to Squires Colonial:
– Max room capacity right now is 92 (usually 400!). There may be a point where we need to point people to the evening services if the 11 is too full.
– Please make sure you arrive early enough to go through our check in process and get your temperature taken
– VT requires that we keep track of who is coming to our services, so you will need to fill out accurate information on the form
– There is ONE entrance into Colonial Hall! – Plan accordingly and allow time to find parking- Masks will be worn at all times!
– Only certain seats are open. Please sit ONLY in the seats marked with green neon tape.
– We will dismiss by sections to avoid bottlenecks.

For the 707p Service at 1521:
– Since we are meeting indoors this semester, you may park in the front parking lot, or at First & Main across Main St.
– As we gather for worship, one of our goals is to be able to connect with one another. In order to do that safely, we’re creating a space before the 707 in the parking lot with fire pits, hot drinks, and snacks. Plan to come early and/or stay after to hang out and connect with others from both services!
– We will also have a check-in table, with temperature check station
– Our capacity is limited to 40-45 people safely
– We will have seats provided, distanced.
– Please wear masks
– We will be livestreaming the 707p service, so visit if you’d like to join there!

We know this is a lot, and we’re grateful to meet together in all these different ways. We’re expectant that the Lord will move during these times. We appreciate your flexibility with us as we work out how best to love our neighbors, new and old! Please message us if you have any questions!

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