The Peace of Lent

kristinahagenLent was always something that “other” Christians did. My friends would tell me that they were giving up soda, and I would accept it without understanding why they chose to do it. I didn’t see it as showing respect to God, but rather a strange ritual that the churches I attended never partook in.

This year I was given a general understanding of what Lent is, and how it is a way for one to grow closer to the Lord. So, I decided to give it a try. My number one time-waster I pinpointed was the Internet—Facebook and Pinterest in particular. Thus, I decided to give them both up for Lent—but in moderation. Facebook one week, Pinterest the next.

Now that we are heading into our fourth week of Lent, I’ve noticed that I have much more free time than I had previously. Homework all of a sudden has become less stressful and much more quiet. The “bloop!” of Facebook sending me messages is a strange change, but the quiet is appreciated. I have realized that sometimes one needs to step back from reality in order to truly experience calm. For me, Lent is an experience where I can step back from my hectic life and feel the peace the Lord wants us to all experience.

I know that Lent is different for every person, but if a person does not know anything about it—one should not accept it without understanding. For me, it’s been completely worth it to enjoy the peace I’ve been given and that I had been lacking without even knowing I had been missing it. Lent is a time to experience God in a way that we have perhaps not been able to with all the various aspects in our lives standing in our way. Lent is a time of understanding, but it is also a time of sacrifice. So, let it go—even if it seems as everyday as Facebook or Pinterest.

~ Kristina Hagen

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