The Power of a Quick Prayer

576143_10151356781485905_1080327809_nSometimes I have one of those days when I am so busy and so stressed that my weary self decides not to have time with God. Instead, I’ll give a half-hearted prayer whenever I have thirty seconds, and I’ll hurry on my way with the hope that He’s received it. When one of these days happens, I usually imagine that my prayers are only received by God when I actually sit down and have a quiet time. Something I’ve recently been taught though, is that these prayers are just as
earnest as all the other prayers I pray.

This past week, I’ve had several events I had to attend in a matter of hours. On Friday, I dashed from work, to a research conference, then to help set up for the NLCF dance. My prayer that day had been for everything to go smoothly, and to turn out alright in the end. Of course, this prayer was hurriedly prayed multiple times during the day, and once the night before. I thus went about my busy day, and to my relief, the day passed by without any problems. In fact, everything fell into place so well, that, to be honest, I was a little shocked my curt prayer had been received and answered in such a
powerful way. God helped me through my hectic schedule not only Friday, but several busy days these past few weeks.

If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that God hears every prayer. Even if it is being given while I am halfway across the drillfield, speed-walking to my next class, the prayer is being answered in the way that God sees fit. In one’s life, trusting God is one of the ways we place our lives into God’s care. It’s not always easy to give up control of one’s life—especially when one has such a busy schedule— but one must always remember that we are loved and we are always heard, no matter how insignificant we feel our prayers are, or how speedily they are prayed.

~ Kristina Hagen

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