This I Believe: Letting Go

I believe in letting go. I believe in letting go of your past, your regrets, and your grudges. I believe in finding yourself, your identity, and your calling in life.

In March of 2011, I traveled to Honduras for a mission trip. Before going on this trip I was not particularly religious, but I did hold spiritual beliefs. I left with an open mind and wanted things to happen naturally. With 22 fellow friends and companions, I embarked on an adventure that would forever change my life.

In the 9 days I spent in Honduras, I got to experience a lifetime of lessons. I was a witness to poverty, living day-to-day, and simply surviving. But I was also a witness to conviction. A part of our mission was to share the gospel with the people of impoverished communities. With every family or individual that I interacted with, I became keenly aware of a shared sense of universal faith and conviction.

Despite their poor living conditions and limited financial means, every person I med had faith. Some had faith in a higher power, God, but most simply had faith in life. They had faith that everything would work out. They knew that they had to live a life full of love, kindness, good deeds, and community.

As I listened to stories of hardship, pain, and the fight to survive, I became inspired to let go. Regardless of their living circumstances, these people used faith and conviction to guide them. I realized that if they can live in these situations and have faith, why can’t I? I wouldn’t open myself up to God because I couldn’t let go…

One day in Honduras, I was able to let go. After an emotionally exhausting day of witnessing people opening their hearts to Christ, I finally opened mine. I let go. I could feel the years of hurt and pain leave as I said a prayer and forgave. I asked God to hep me let go of everything I had been holding on to, everything that kept me from Him, and everything I used to let stand in my way.

So I challenge those of you reading this to let go. Let go of those things holding you back. Let go of the memories that may haunt your mind. Let go, and let  God.

– Amy Godby

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