Times of Transition

Currently, I’m sitting in a mix of emotions and unknowns. Being 39 weeks pregnant, feeling the weight of things that would be *helpful* to get done sooner than later while anticipating an imminent – unclear – AND awesome deadline … I’m at the mercy of feelings that might come as quickly as they might go. And it’s all rather tiring if I’m honest.

I get that not many readers would be in my boat currently, yet I imagine there are many of us who are in a time of transition – stepping into college for the first time, transferring, graduated and seeking what’s next, and everywhere in between.  Any time of transition comes with a degree of uncertainty and with that – if I’m not entirely crazy – the opportunity for thoughts and feelings to get tossed around a bit.  We find ourselves standing at the edge ready to embark upon a myriad of unknowns … Excited at what the future holds … Curious if we’re up to the task.  

When I get to these places, I am most grateful for the way I am met by the tenderness of God. It is here that I am ministered to! Just as long as I’m willing to, for long enough, silence my voice (and the freak outs) and hear the knowing voice of my Creator.

In the midst of whirlwind-like timelines and expectations, God’s steadfastness remains constant. And I’m reminded of that! In His care for His children, He reminds us that He is constant and faithful and trustworthy. (Hosea 6.3 — as surely as the sun rises, he will appear) But even more intimately, while I see those things written in Scripture about His character, I am drawn in by the invitation He extends to rest. To just be and be with … Him. *releasing sigh*

Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest. Mark 6.31

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46.10

This is God’s invitation not to sleep or lounge around, but to settle into the constant, steady, unending peace & rest in the bigness & power of Christ. A rest that comes with the reality that more is accomplished in God’s rest than in man’s work. This is the most life-giving place that we can be established in — the way that gives way for us to engage and navigate through the surrounding, imminent, and exciting whirlwind.

My prayer in this transition has been that I would have the wisdom to heed this invitation, even if just in my own spirit, even for just a moment. That I would seek peace and pursue it. And so I put that out there, so YOU are reminded that the invitation is yours too. HE is our steadfast. I am not at the center of it all – He is. And, praise the Lord for THAT! *praise hands emoji*

~Kristal Poff, NLCF Staff

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