Transitioning Well- David McCann

Living and working in a college town definitely has some significant rhythms.  One of those rhythms is transition.  This year at our Senior Night, I got the chance to share some thoughts with our graduates about making the transition from college to “life after college” well.  As we have transitioned into summer, I’ve realized that those same thoughts apply to me (and hopefully you) as well!


It’s at the end of the Israelites’ span in the desert that we pick up on their story in Deuteronomy 8:1-18.  Here they are, after years in the desert, about to transition by entering into the Promised Land.  They had been waiting for this time for a while.   When I read this passage on Moses speaking to the Israelites, there were three things that stuck out: Remember.  Obey.  Thank.

First, he challenges the Israelites to remember all that God had done for them while in the desert.  He provided manna when they were hungry, amongst many other things.  Just like the Israelites, we should remember what God has done for us as we enter into any new and different situation.  You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t doubt in the dark what you have seen in the light”.  That’s essentially what I see here: remember what God has done in your previous situation, and don’t doubt that he will move, provide, etc. during this season now.

Next, in a small part of verse 6, Moses tells the Israelites to obey the Lord.  Times of transition can affect our daily disciplines, especially our times of prayer and scripture reading.  During the year, you most likely had a regular schedule, so you knew when you could spend time with God.  But now, with a different schedule (or lack of one), it can be very easy to let those disciplines slip regarding our relationships with God.  Over these next few weeks, be diligent in establishing your spiritual disciplines so they become part of your daily walk, just like they were during the school year.

Lastly, Moses suggests that the Israelites not only remember what God has done, but thank Him for it.  In times of change, transition, etc. make sure you take time to thank God for the ways He has provided for you.  If you are in a new city, struggling to build friendships, thank God for the friendships He gave you in Blacksburg.  If you are back home trying to get into a weekly church rhythm, thank God for the Christian community and church He provided while at Virginia Tech.

During this transition into summer, or for other transitions you may be going through, remember what God has done, obey His commands, and thank Him for everything.

–David, Staff


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