Upcoming Spring Events!

Here are some upcoming opportunities for fun & fellowship:

3/26 (Wednesday) – Clothing Swap; 7p @ 130 Jackson: Bring clothes, accessories, books, DVDs or anything you’d want to swap out! Ladies AND guys are welcome to participate!!

4/4 (Friday) – Night of Creativity; 7p @ 130 Jackson: Artists, musicians, writers & more are invited to share their creativity! Or come and listen and support those sharing!

4/5 (Saturday) – International Showcase; 7p @ 130 Jackson: The International Culture EG is hosting an evening of curry, Chinese dumplings, chai, bollywood dancing, K-Pop, the macarena, and much more. Bring an empty stomach, open mind, and all your friends.

4/19 (Saturday) – Masquerade Ball (NLCF Annual Spring Dance); 7p @ 130 Jackson: Bring your mask & dancing shoes and enjoy good friends, loud music, and delicious food!


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