Update from Jamey & Lesley

jamey and lesley smithHere’s a brief update from NLCF alumni Jamey and Lesley Smith who have been raising support and preparing to work with our sister church in Danli, Honduras:

“For those who don’t know, we had been praying since we began this process but even more earnestly since we got married that we would be at 100% of our initial support goal of recurring giving that we needed to raise for GCM by the first of June. We are so incredibly amazed and thankful to be able to say that by the first of June we hit 100% of our initial goal for GCM with current recurring giving!!! Praise the Lord!! Obviously, this is an enormous milestone for us, to know that the Lord has prepared the way for us to go and provided for us completely. We feel so blessed by this amazing timing, and could not be more excited for all that this opens up for us now.

What is wonderful about having completed our initial support raising for GCM is that we can start taking bigger steps towards preparing to leave such as purchasing plane tickets and obtaining our visas. We will be spending June and July based out of Jamey’s parents’ home in Covington, as well as traveling substantially to raise additional support to help fund our start-up costs for moving internationally. We will also be spending the summer learning Spanish and preparing to leave soon!”

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