What is 130 Jackson?

If you’ve been around [nlcf] for any period of time, you’ve likely heard “130 Jackson” mentioned multiple times. You might be wondering what it is and why we keep talking about it. Read on for more information!

What Is It?

130 Jackson is a multi-functional venue; it is the place where we host many [nlcf] events, but it is also a place we offer to the community to use for their events.

Community Use

Because there aren’t many venues in downtown Blacksburg, [nlcf] desires to use 130 Jackson as a means to benefit and bless all of Blacksburg by offering it as a space for events. It is a building designed for many purposes including business meetings, concerts, classes, art shows, banquets, and just about anything else.  We’ve had zombie plays, metal shows, baby showers, theater classes, and more at 130 Jackson!

[nlcf] Use

Many of our regular [nlcf] meetings take place at 130 Jackson as well as many of our special events. Some of the things that happen at 130 Jackson on a regular basis are leadership meetings, band practices, Deeper, 7.07 services, Engage Together, and open hours.

Open Hours

Not only do we seek to bless the downtown community, we also want to use this building as a blessing to the students. We have open hours during the school year from 12-4, Mon-Fri. During this time you can come in and study, have meetings, grab lunch with friends, or just hang-out. Some of the perks of using 130 Jackson are free wi-fi, ample seating room, close proximity to campus, and close proximity to coffee and food. Feel free to bring your friends!

How Do I Get There?

Walk up COLLEGE AVE towards the downtown area
After BOLLO’S COFFEE SHOP, look for a STAIRCASE on your left
Go UP the STAIRS. It will lead you into a small parking lot. The building in front of you with the green roof is 130 Jackson!

View map.

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